Yucky frozen Drink

By: Jaedynne

Would you let your 3 year old little brother eat a frozen chocolate ,sunkist bottle with fritos and a whole bunch of other stuff and tell him it was ice cream?

At my house me, my mom and my brother were all home. My mom was very tired as always she was a short woman with red and black hair at the time. My brother was a chubby blond little kid, with brown eyes like my mom, was playing with his toys like he always does. Finally me the kinda tall one of the group with long brown hair and the blue eyes , that were as bright as the sun. Everyone complimented them ever since i was little. Since I am always restless that’s how this story starts.

At first I just wanted to make something gross and weird. I was 6 years old and I was restless so I did this experiment .

When I started to make the drink I had to make sure I didn’t use all the food in the kitchen. I grabbed the ingredients but had nothing to put it in. My mom had an empty soda bottle in the kitchen so I washed it out. Then I started to put the ingredients into the bottle.

Me My Mom and my brother are a lot alike

Guarantied to be Hilarious

Then Dominnick was being very noisy so I went into the room the check on him.

My mom, she was hibernating .

Me and my brother shared a room so when I walked in I said “DOMINNICK you made a big mess”.

“Sorry” Dominnick said.

I was really angry so I ran off back into the kitchen and left him alone hoping he would pick it up.So I put the Delicious Frito s, the large awesome gallon of Chocolate milk, Sunkist we got a couple days ago , Oreo's that I licked the icing of of, chocolate chips that my mom would devour, and ice cream that was almost melted. I had to make sure I didn’t make a mess or my Mom would beat my butt. Next I put it into the freezer when it was all filled up.

However it was gross I showed my mom when It was frozen all the way “Gross what did you put in it” she said. “ A lot of stuff” I said. Then she went back into her room.

I finnally went back into my bedroom when I wasn’t mad any more. He had made a bigger mess!

So I told my mom and she looked in the room.

She said “ pick this room up or both of you are in trouble”. So I picked up the room.

Despite me picking up the room.

i went and got my drink out of the freezer because I was so mad cause I just cleaned our whole room The bottle was a giant Ice cube , I could barley hold it. I cut the bottle open put half in a bowl and gave the one in the bowl to him then put the other half of the drink in a very glossy polished cup and put in in the freezer. When i gave the drink to dominnick I picked up the old kitchen spoon, and gave him one bite and he made a very unpleasant face. I think you know what happened next . He spit out into the bowl , and it didn’t look pretty. After that my mom got mad at me for giving it to him, but Dominnick was okay. In the end I got in Trouble , And apologized to my brother gave him a bear hug. Then I never never made another yucky drink again. Now that I am older I know not to give my little brother a yucky frozen drink. And I love him soo much.

The End