Primary Update

27th April

Book Week

Congratulations to Leanne, Moura, Kelly, Gigi, Wendy and Niko for their organisation of a wonderful book week. When visiting the library this week, It was great to see so many engaged and enthusiastic children participating in Guess the Teacher competition, puzzles and Moo Cards.

Well done to all staff for getting into the spirit of the Book Week Parade. A wide range of characters where on display from staff and students, but who will forget the Princess commentating on stage with her pirate friend organising the music. Thanks to Jason E and Frank as well!

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Year Five Celebration of Learning

Last Wednesday, the year Five students presented their media exhibition to a large number of parents. The students demonstrated their learning by explaining and presenting their media presentations to groups of parents.

I would like to acknowledge the Year Five teaching team for their work. I am sure they would be extremely proud of their students and so they should be.

Facilities Bookings

A reminder from Jason McKimmon to all Primary Staff:

To book the dance studio, Primary sports hall, 2nd floor gym and even the outdoor areas (sponge area on LGF & Siena park) please email Jason McKimmon directly for a booking request. We would appreciate all staff following this procedure to ensure we do not have classes wanting to use these spaces when PE may have them already booked.


Assessment for Learning

In Embedded Formative Assessment (2011) Dylan Wiliam identifies three core teaching processes and five key assessment strategies. During planning try using the questions in the table below to reflect on student progress and classroom practice.
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May 22nd Primary CPD Day

As mentioned at the last staff meeting by Donna, we are in the planning stage for the CPD day on May 22nd. One component of the day will be a review of the Programme of Inquiry, whilst the other component will be driven by your professional learning needs. Early this week we will be sending out a survey for staff to complete which will help us frame part of the day. Please begin to think about the professional learning areas you would like to inquire into further on this day. EG Handwriting Without Tears, Everything Google etc

Week in Action

Professional Learning and Meetings this week...

Monday 27th April - Staff Meeting - Student Led Conferences

Focus: SLC prompts, reminders and 2015/16 classes

Wednesday 29th April - Team Leaders Meeting

Focus: Class placement & SLC

Wednesday 29th April - EA Meeting - 11:00am

Professional Learning and Meetings coming up...

Monday 4th May - No meeting - Student Led Conferences

Wednesday 6th May -No meeting - Student Led Conferences

Cobra sport dates...

28th April - Cobras U12 Boys Football - 2:00pm - 7:00pm

28th April - Cobras U12 Girls Football - 3:20pm - 5:00pm

4th May - Cobras U12 Girls Football - 3:00pm - 5:45pm

5th May - Cobras U12 Boys Football - 3:00pm - 5:45pm

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