Bullying, Social, Physical


Bullying is when a person is publicly being tormented by the bully. This is when a child, teenager or an adult is picked out to be the bullies next victim. A bully has usually been built up by his/hers past and is just waiting to let it all out on someone. They will pick, push and break you. But if u think about it, the bully has a story to. So try not to let them get to you.


Social health is when your personally life is dying. Your not interacting with the people in the physical world (and the internet for that matter). But there is a cure... You need to get out there and show the world what your made of. Don't worry about what people think of you and be scared or afraid.


Physical health is based all around your diet and body weight. You need to stay fit and healthy to keep up with an exceptional and happy lifestyle. All you have to do is hit the gym every once and a while and eat healthy food.