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#CelebrateMonday: Highlights from #IMLEA17-- and more


We certainly did have a celebration last Monday, as over 250 people interested in middle level education participated in our 2017 conference, "United in the Middle".

One of the sessions, led by Professor Steve Gruenert from Indiana State, included his story of the way Sean Gaillard helped start a positive trend. During a snow day, Gaillard (@smgaillard) was reading School Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess and Transform It In the book Gruenert and co-author Todd Whitaker (IMLEA keynote speaker) threw out the idea: what if, instead of conveying the idea to students that we should celebrate Fridays (in anticipation of not having to come to school) we accentuated positive things happening on Monday? The result: the hashtag #CelebrateMonday regularly trends on Mondays, but, more importantly, educators are demonstrating that they want to be at school, welcome students, and are sharing great things going on. Today was no exception; feel free to check out today's #CelebrateMonday Some of our conference attendees spent some time planning how they are going to be a part of this in the future.

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This link (also above) includes access to handouts for some of the sessions, as well as the evaluation form. We realize not all members who receive this newsletter were able to attend. We will also be sending the form to all who attended. In the meantime, feel free to forward this.

Special Opportunity for First-Time Donors Choose Writers: This Week Only! is sponsoring Welcome Week beginning today, September 25th. All week long, public school teachers who submit their first request on September 25th or later will receive a $50 kickoff donation from the community. If that teacher is clever enough to write a project with a match, the $50 donation will be matched, bringing the total kickoff donation to $100!

I recently attended a webinar presented by a teacher who has received over 200 grants. She had many useful suggestions and tips behind why she thinks she's been so successful. You can watch the webinar or see some of the links shared here.

Rochester Middle School Choir Performance

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