Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri


If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.

Toni Morrison, writer, editor, educator

Week of March 1 - Recovery Phase 2, Step 2

CCPHC Order - Masks & social distancing are required indoors until further notice

Monday, 6PM - City Council Meeting

Thursday, 1:30PM - Job Corps Community Relations Council @ ZOOM (Discuss changes at Job Corps since COVID)

Upcoming Council Agenda

  • Public Hearing for MS4 (Storm Water) General Permit 2021-2026
  • Presentation Planning & Zoning Annual Report
  • Personnel Policy Amendment regarding Police OT
  • Easement Vacation for Clacton Estates
  • Appropriations

Key Project Update

  • Jesse James, Miller, & Dunbar is scheduled to be overlaid this construction season, bids will be sought soon [FUNDING: TT, R/B, CIP]
  • Vaccination supplies are opening up, this week you could get shots at Hy-Vee, Heart to Heart is seeking local sites, we are in hopes ESH will receive supplies regularly. Please register on CCPHC site; call Community Center if you want help with sign up or transportation.
  • Digester bids are due this week [FUNDING: CDBG, CIP, Sewer Bond] WHY? the second digester will create needed redundancy at the treatment plant.
  • SCADA work at WTP is finished with positive results [FUNDING: Water Rates] WHY? SCADA controls pumps, motors and water levels throughout the system.
  • Community Center Swim lessons sold out
  • With the availability of vaccines, membership at Community Center is up from 4,100 to 4,579
  • Safe Streets & Sidewalk Survey will wrap on Monday, over 200 surveys have been received with good direction. WHY? Survey will convey public opinion to support grant application for westside streets/sidewalks
  • Work going on around town is underway at Scooters, Excelsior Springs Animal Clinic, Medical Marijuana site, Edward Jones
  • Completed credit rating to refi Community Center & Clubhouse; Community received A+ rating from S&P.
  • HHHW sites across metro experienced 36% reduction in waste from 2019 to 2020, except ES residents actually increased HHHW recycling despite pandemic
  • There has been a reduction of dog waste on park grounds since installing waste stations

Choose Your Attitude!

What an amazing place! (Willow Springs Mercantile) Wonderful Missouri wine selection and other products. The food is beyond amazing!! We should continue to come back just to further explore this wonderful menu of food. The owners and staff are simply, great special people that make you feel like you belong there and that you are one of their friends. We just loved it. Found on Trip Advisor. Date of visit: January 2021