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Would not this solve ALL the communication problems at River Bend?

Yes Kathy Sease I said ALL. OK, maybe not on this scale and not implying WE need this quality. Terry Newlin, this originates right across the river, POSITIVE Williamsport would give the RBMC Board a tour of what they do and how they do it (be sure to invite Wanda Leigg Clark and Danny Clark as they are DECISION MAKERS). Really can't wait to hear what the 'legal opinion' of Gerald Smith is why "WE CAN'T DO THIS"! As a GOAL, challenge the Board to have this in-place for the 2019 Annual Meeting ... OR ... publish a legal opinion of the ACTUAL corporate PAID lawyer WHY River Bend Membership Corporation can't do it. Hell, I'd even suggest GM Renee Sanders use her "catch-all", members have to make an appointment and view it only in the office.


What does the chair of the E/ C have to say about the comments?

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