ABC's of Advent

By: Naomi Noel

Rhyming Verses for Advent

These are Christmas rhymes that are catchy and fun!

B - We are all to busy to remember,

Of the birth of a baby in Bethlehem this December.

G - I can smell the gingerbread, it smells so good,

It reminds me so much of my childhood

I - The innocent infant, so small, but bright,

Was never irritated on the icy winters night.

M - Miraculous Mary, so cheery and bright,

You swaddled your baby at the magical mid-night.

Q - Queen Mary wished to have a warm quilt,

When she laid her quiet baby in the manger Joseph built.

S - Shepherds came from far and wide,

When the angels told them about the prize on the hillside.

T - The Three Kings traveled on this night we celebrate,

As they walked afar thinking about what to anticipate.

W - Winter is the time to wander,

Like the wise men walking yonder.