The Challenger Dispatch

Feb. 15-19, 2016 Blue Week

Instructional Rounds Work - Feedback

In review, we completed rounds in November with BLT narrowing our results down in our focus on feedback. The following four issues arose to address.

1. Self Regulation in students. Meaning kids didn't know if they were doing well or not unless the teacher said so.

2. The need for more higher order open ended questioning by teachers.

3. The problem with praise versus encouragement. ( Growth Mindset work)

4. The need for more student to student feedback strategies and more teacher/student strategies.

This week in collaboration, you and your team will be exploring the self regulation piece with a survey, and learning more about the problem with praise through some online viewing.

This work will continue to help us refine and move our student learning deeper. Thank you for being a part of this important work.


Another reminder that you should be adding AT LEAST one grade per week for ELA and math. It is hard to justify a failing grade on progress reports on 1 or 2 scores. This will be monitored closely.

Collaborative Meetings

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 8am

Conference Room at Challenger

The sign in sheet, agenda and tasks will be in the room for you. The focus this week is on our work in feedback. You will need your laptops as you will be taking a survey and viewing some clips.

Writing Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 2:45pm

Your classrooms

Teams - Please make sure you focus on the traits of word choice and voice by reading the chapters, exploring the lessons, creating your lesson plan and scheduling your time with Michele, Lisa or Andrain. Be sure to fill out the evaluation form as well and return to Michele 's box.

Native Americans Program

Friday, Feb. 19th, 8:30am

AV Room

Some of you are invited to the rehearsal of the 3rd grade program, Native Americans. The 3rd grade teachers will let you know SOON ( right 3rd grade teachers???) who is invited.


Friday, Feb. 19th, 12:30pm

13555 Chaney Thompson Road Southeast

Huntsville, AL

Club Time!!! Please remember to take photos of your work, and possibly start keeping some artifacts for the PTA meeting in April.