Wilson Weekly

May 6th, 2016


The kids all seemed to have a great time trying to protect the environment and move the "oil" across the map. I really enjoyed seeing how students attacked the problem and came up with solutions and even more important;y, when the first design didn't work they were willing to jump back in and re-engineer their design.

Science Time

Ms. Atkinson, Ms. Blankenship, Dr. Shaw, and Ms. Smarch's students all had the opportunity to perform a variety of experiments that students at Northbrook created. The experiments ranged from paper airplanes to elephant toothpaste (none on Dr. Shaw this year!). A couple of groups were lucky enough to create cosmic slime!


Upcoming Dates

May 9th: Ryan @ Northbrook for Safety Meeting (AM)

May 11th: Ryan @ ISC for AP Meeting (All Day)

May 12th: Field Trip to Northbrook

May 13th: Testing Meeting during planning

May 16th - 19th: DAs

May 20th: Fifth Grade Fun Fest

May 22nd: Final Grades entered

May 23rd: Outstanding Citizenship Awards and Yearbook Signing

May 25th: Last day of school

Thank You

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