TAC Parents Monthly Bulletin

February 2020

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Just Like Mom’s Meals

TAC PTA members met with our boarding students in a specially prepared dinner, put together the caring support of the wider parent body.

Our students had an enjoyable time during this dinner, which had the purpose of bringing home cooked meals to those students who live in Tarsus, their home away from home.

We would like to thank our Parent-Teacher Association and all parents who support for this tradition, which all boarders look forward to every time.


One of the most important features of our school is that it makes community service activities an integral part of the students’ learning experiences. Our TAC ECHO group brought an amazing concert to the children/adolescent residents of the Tarsus Juvenile Detention Center. The concert, which was the result of the initiatives of the PTA President Tülay Sevgi Can, created an memorable experience for our students. We are proud of all our students who performed.

Vocals: Ege Baykal

Electric Guitars: Mehmet Emir Terzier, Erdem Onat Keskin, Emre Karay Yılmaz

Bass Guitar: Orhun Serin

Drums: Bolkar Balta

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Interact Club Donations to Lütfiye Benli İlköğretim Okulu

Çukurova TAC Interact members were excited to hear that they would finally be able to visit the Lütfiye Benli İlköğretim Okulu to hand over their donations.

Donations of toiletries, cleaning supplies and stationery items were handed over to the school’s principal Mr Ersin EROĞLU.

TAC students were separated into three classrooms with the guidance of the principal and proceeded to engage the students with fun activities such as Chinese telephone (kulaktan kulaga), hot and cold, balloon cup transport among others. Students were treated with lollipops before we said our goodbyes.

We aim to continue working with this school as they are in constant need of these supplies.

To help us with these and other outreach events we invite you to our weekly meetings in U26 or contact one of our three faculty advisors.

Back to the Future

On a beautiful, warm February afternoon, TAC’s Mythology Club students set out to listen and see the Tarsus mythologies. With the information leaflets in their hands, they first stopped at the place where the tomb of the Prophet Daniel was located. Some of the students, who had the sense of time travel as they felt they were part of both the past and the present, used “Back to the Future" analogy.

Students felt good knowing and remembering that the world is not just 'us'; that people have been empowered and united by mythologies since prehistoric times and through centuries have harbored desires and emotions similar to ours. After having “kaynar” in the Kırkkaşık Bedesten, listening to Serpil Hanım and feeling sympathetic with what Şahmeran had gone through, they returned to the school with smiles on their faces.

TAC’s History Club Inspired by the Historical Wealth of Local Geography

Inspired by the historical wealth of the geography we live in, Tarsus American College History Club dedicates some of its time to visitings sights nearby. This approach takes the History Club beyond lectures and presentations, transcending the borders of the classroom in history teaching towards local visits. While the club aims to tap into student awareness about the political, religious, social and economic role of Tarsus throughout history, they are also expected to acquire the historical empathy skills by examining the experiences of structures such as churches, mosques, masjids, bazaars and baths which they see. The visit on Wednesday, February 26 contained stops such as St. Paul’s church, an important landmark for the Christian world, the place where Bilal-i Habeşi, who was the muezzin of Prophet Muhammed, led the prayer and namaz during his visit to the places conquered during the time of Prophet Ömer, historic Tarsus houses, Kırkkaşık Bedesten, which was commissioned in 1579 by İbrahim Bey, son of Piri Pasha from the Ramazanogulları Principality.

TAC’s German Students Act Out German in the Garden

In the 2019-2020 academic year, our prep class students studied the "Bremen Musicians" in their elective German class. Making a research the Brothers Grimm, they looked at the other fairy tales they authored (Red Riding Hood, Snow White, etc.) and picked their favorite scenes from these tales. After some preparation, they dramatized these scenes in the school garden and created short videos in German. This project helped our students to find out about German fairy tale authors and actively practice their speaking skills in German.

The Pascal-Cayley and Fermat Math Competitions

A total of 105 students from TAC’s grade 9, 10 and 11 took the Pascal-Cayley and Fermat Math Competitions organized by Waterloo University on Wednesday, February 26. Through these exams, which measure both English and math skills of students, our students have the opportunity to compare themselves with students around the world.

We wish our students the best in the exams, the results of which will be announced in about a month’s time.

Valentines’ Day Rose Sale

TAC’s grade 11 students were organized for their annual and traditional rose and cookie sale for the Valentine’s Day this year. With the sale which has now become a TAC tradition, is to spice up the celebration of this special day by attaching anonymous messages to roses and cookies which students send to one another. The proceeds from the sale will contribute to the carnival, which will take place at the end of the year. The sale, where two groups of eight girls and four boys prepared more than a thousand roses and cookies to be distributed to students and teachers, was one of the highlights of the year.

Student Assessment Workshop

The Rubric Development Workshop for Turkish, mathematics, science and social sciences teachers was held on February 21-22 by Bengü BÖRKAN. The two-day workshop included group activities designed to improve the quality of rubrics used by our teachers.

TAC’s “Compose the School Bell” Project

TAC’s Grade 11 music students composed the school bells of their dreams using the GarageBand application. They created many new compositions by working in groups and individually and selected the top five compositions by voting among the group. Starting Monday, each of the top five contenders were played during breaks on each day and on Friday, the best school bell was selected by surveying all students and teachers. The winning bell tune was played for the whole week. We congratulate all music students for their contribution in this project.

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TAC Makes a Mark in Equestrian Sports

TAC’s prep student Ilgaz Eskiduman brought home the championship trophy in the Horseback Riding Trophy sponsored by the Adana Equestrian Sports Club in experienced riders category. We congratulate Ilgaz and wish our students the best of luck in the upcoming tournaments.

Double Championship in Karate

Our prep students Ecegül Demirtaş and Aldemir Halil Konuk competed in the provincial Karate championship in Mersin on January 12, 2020. They became Mersin champions and qualifyied to participate in the Turkish National Play-Offs on 15-16 February 2020. We wish continued success to our students who brought home gold medals.

TAC Placed Third at the National Play-Offs for Karate

TAC’s prep student Aldemir Konuk competed in the Turkish national karate play-offs in Adana on February 15 and placed third in the tournament with stellar performance. This qualifies to compete at the national level in Balıkesir. We congratulate Aldemir and wish him continued success.

TAC the Mersin Champion in Fencing

Our student Melisa BÜYÜKKELLECİOĞLU participated in the girls Fencing Competition held in Mersin on February 7, 2020. She received first place with a successful and well-deserved win over all her competitors. We congratulate Melisa who is now eligible to participate in the national championship and wish her continued success.

TAC’s Female Team Receives First Place in Chess

TAC students participated in the Girls Chess Tournament in Mersin on February 15-16. The players earned consecutive wins over all of their competitors and became the Mersin champions.

The students qualified to participate in the Turkish national play-offs to be held on March 24-27. We congratulate our female chess team and wish them the best in their journey towards the National Championship.

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