Joseph Kim Academic #3

Have you ever heard about the holocaust? Imagine you're a Jewish boy and you were living happily with your family. Then all of the sudden a big, scary, mean looking soldier appears and takes you as a prisoner and kills you later on for being a innocent, little Jewish boy. That is what the holocaust was about. Hitler thought that the Jewish people were a inferior race. The mass killing of innocent Jews died because of Adolf Hitler.

The Holocaust was the killing of about 6,ooo,ooo Jewish people. Hitler thought that the Jews are a disgrace. When Hitler came to power he imminently started capturing the Jews. The German police went to Poland to capture Jewish people. They burned down homes and broke windows to find the Jews. That is how much Hitler hated them. The killing of the Jewish children and adults died from the leader of the Nazis. (Adolf Hitler) He set up death camps to exterminated the Jews from either using gas chambers that looks like showers or working them to death. The conditions were so bad in the camps some even died of diseases. The Holocaust was such a horrible time.

Have heard about the Holocaust. Well you've just learned about how brutal the Holocaust was. Hitler hated the Jews, and thought they should be treated like dirt. Adolf Hitler was the reason so much Jewish people died. The Holocaust was the killing of so many Jews, but later the Holocaust was finally over.