Principal's Press

January 15, 2016

Upcoming Events

January 18
  • MLK Day--No School
January 20

  • 100th Day of School
January 21

  • Truett's Pizza Family Fun Night 5-7 pm
January 26

  • Chik-fil-A Night from 5-7 pm

PTO Board Positions

SHME PTO is a non-profit organization serving the needs of the elementary school. We strive to create an atmosphere where teachers and administrators can do their best work - and so can our children.

The current PTO board members finish their terms May 2016. We need new school leaders! The PTO needs nominees who are the parents or guardians for SHME students. The following positions need nominees by April 1, 2016*:

PTO President- responsible for fundraising, recruiting volunteers, and project management. Works closely with Principal to form budget and identify improvements.

PTO Vice President- same duties as above. Also, head of the nominating committee and will take over duties of President if needed.

Secretary- responsible for accurate meeting minutes and record keeping. Works closely with President and Vice President.

Treasurer/Co-Treasurers- responsible for PTO funds and Room Parent funds, accurate bookkeeping, and filing tax returns.

*All positions are asked to commit to a 2 year term, if possible. If more than one person is nominated, than an election shall occur for that position.*

If interested or have questions, please contact Janet Olson or Kristi Soong

Strong4Life Pep Rally--Children's Healthcare

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Habit Showcase

As a Leader in Me school, we want to honor and recognize our students for their amazing leadership skills and positive behaviors. Each week, every classroom teacher will recognize one student who did an exceptional job demonstrating one of our Habits. These students will be recognized on our morning broadcast, a student profile will hang in the café lobby, and a certificate will be sent home. All students for the month will be placed in a container for a drawing at the end of the month. Ten students will be selected to have a special breakfast with Mrs. Angelo and special guests. This week, we recognized Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Aiden Reynolds, Bailee Foster, Gretta Hegvedt, Alissa Grigley, Faith Harrison, Logan Smith, Audrey Woods, Madison Compton, Reid Edmondson, Gavin Gallacher, Layla Johnson, Chelsea Greene, Aidan Robinson, Emma Joy Balentine, Cash Hart, Viviana Kuria, Haley Johnson, Casey Teare, Brody Rowan, Owen Gutierrez, Skylar Jordan, Phoenix Pool, Noah Falkenhagen, Ayana Cameron, Preston Whidby, Devin Elsenpeter, Ryan Gomez, Blake Elsenpeter, Andrew White, Abigail Johnson, Gordon Garl, Braden Hale, Ethan Boelsterli

Habit Showcase Breakfast Winners

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