Fame or Feelings Of Shame

Three Famous Mens' Battles With Their Mental Disorders

Scott Stapp Opens Up About His Battle While In Creed

Stapp recently came out in early November of 2015 about his downward spiral while doing vocals for his band. Scott said he was so sick that he became delusional, he was convinced that he was on a mission to terminate President Obama, and that he could stop ISIS, although he heard voices and saw illusions, he does not have schizophrenia. He was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder while in rehab, but before rehab he had spent the night in an LA hotel where he attempted suicide. When he attempted suicide he had landed on rapper, TI's balcony where TI had found him and rescued him. Stapp claims to still be in recovery and says that every day is a step, he also said the only thing that really pushed him over the edge was his drinking and drug abuse which he used to be able to feel "normal". Today, Staap says he's taking the days one by one and that every day is a step.

Edgar Allan Poe's Reality

Edgar Allan Poe was a very famous author who is believed to have had a variety of mental illnesses within his very sad lifetime. It is speculated that he had schizophrenia, and a bipolar disorder. The people that have speculated these theories about him came up with the theories from his writing where he subtly danced around the fact he was "mad", and that he refused to get help because of the way they treated patients within his life time. Poe had no way of coping unless it was with drugs or drinking, but eventually it came around to his attempt in suicide, which he failed. It's believed that he died from his on drugs. Poe was found delirious in a gutter before his death.

John Forbes Nash Illusions

John Forbes Nash had a very unfortunate reality, although he was very smart, his mind was torturing him for many years of his life. Nash had been diagnosed with schizophrenia in his late twenties, but before his diagnosis he believed it was his reality. For treatment, Nash received many harsh treatments, that did not seem to help, so they gave him a medication. John had decided that the medication he was taking had dumbed him down, so he refused to take it. Nash's way of coping was through his work. Unfortunately, Nash passed away in a car wreck May 23 of 2015