Border Patrol Agent

By: Garrett Miades Period: 1

Description of the Job

Border patrol agents, who are law enforcement officers, are stationed around the borders of the United States to make sure that items are not being smuggled and people are not illegally crossing the border.

Dangers and Advantages

This job is very dangerous. At night, all officers have to be completely aware of what is happening around them since night is the target time to smuggle goods.

This job has its advantages also. There is a very high starting pay and generous retirement packages since the officers are federal employees.

Education and Requirements

You have to be a US citizen and have a valid drivers license.

You have to pass a drug test.

You cannot have a criminal record.

You have to pass the CBP Border Patrol entrance exam.

You have to qualify for the GL-5 level or have a 4 year college degree in a subject in the field of criminal justice.

To get to the GL-7 level, you must have a masters degree in criminal justice.

Average Salary

The average GL-7 border patrol agent will make approximately $55,010 per year.

Universities to Consider

Temple University and Unversity of Pennsylvania are the best schools in Pennsylvania for a degree in criminal justice.