The Pumpkin

(Cucurbita moschata)

Pumpkin facts!

Cucubrita moschata, or the pumpkin as most know it. A pumpkin is a specialty crop that is native to North America. Illinois is the lead producer of pumpkins and California comes in a far second.

What it's used for?

Pumpkins are used for food mostly, and then they are also used for decorations. Some of the seeds can also be used for medicine.

Products that are mad form pumpkins.


Some canned goods


A Brief history.

Pumpkin have been around for a very long time. They were first used by the Native Americans has a form of food. When the fist pilgrims came to America they depended on pumpkins as a food source and. If it wasn't for the crop lots may of starved. Pumpkins were later used as anything from a jack-o-later to pies.

My opinion!

I love pumpkins, pumpkins are a big part of everyone's life's. Imagine a world with no pumpkins. That mean no pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or even pumpkin spiced lattes. That's a world I would never want to live in. Pumpkins even contributed towards the settling of this country. They are easily persevered and helped lots of settlers make it through rough winters.