Bearcat Brief

September 20, 2019

Notes from Niki

Mid-quarter has come and gone and it seems like the first day of school was last week. Have a great weekend!
  • Everyone should have access to the MS Staff Team Drive now. The only document in there so far is a "One Stop Access." I have some things linked and more to come. If there is something you regularly access that is not on there, feel free to add it. If you can't find it or don't know how to create a link, feel free to just type the name and I will see if I can get it linked.
  • Please take the PBIS School Safety Survey by September 27. I apologize if you tried to take it earlier this week and were locked out. I thought our deadline was the 17th, but it closed on the 13th. Our consultant re-opened the window for us. Some of the questions are odd but just answer to the best of your ability. Any staff member can do this, not just certified teachers; we have to have an 80% return rate.
  • The Boys Basketball Program is having a trivia night on Saturday, October 5. If anyone wants to get a middle school team together, please let me know. I want to weigh my options to get on the best team (JK).

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


September 20- 7/8 PLC Group A

September 20- No Tardy Party

September 23- Fire Drill during a transition time

September 23- "Go Gold for Pediatric Cancer" StuCo Event @basketball game

Book- Hosick, Clock- Schwartze, Gate- Burns, Concessions- Alferman

September 23- 7/8 Girls Basketball vs. Owensville, 5:30

September 26- Cross Country @Belle, 4:50

September 26- 7/8 Football vs. Union, 5:00

Gate- Forbis

September 26- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ St. James, 5:30

September 27- 7/8 PLC Group B

September 27- Student of the Month Assembly, 2:45

September 27- Homecoming

September 27- Homecoming Parade, 4:00

September 30- October 3- 7th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @Home

September 30- October 3- 8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @ Washington

9/30- Book- Brethorst, Clock- Maggie, Gate- Tara, Concessions- Katie

10/1- Book- KC, Clock- Maggie, Gate- Kim, Concessions- Jamie

10/2- Book- Brethorst, Clock- Hosick, Gate- Amy, Concessions- Katie

10/3- Book- Brethorst, Clock- Hosick, Gate- Kim, Concessions- needed


October 2- Custodian Appreciation Day

October 3- 7/8 football vs. Pacific, 5:00

Gate- Amy

October 3- 4th Grade Field Trip

October 3- Middle School Career Fair

October 3- Flu Shot Clinic

October 3- 4th- 6th PLC

October 4- 7/8 PLC Group A

October 5- Boys Basketball Team Trivia Night

October 6-11- National Fire Safety Week, likely unplanned fire drill during this week

October 8- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball Game vs. St. Clair, 12:30

Book- Chasteen, Clock- Hosick

October 8- Home Cross Country @Loutre, 4:00

October 10- PBIS Training @HOMRPDC

October 10- 7/8 Grade Football @Warrenton

October 10- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball vs. Washington

Book- Jamie, Clock- Maggie, Gate- Stephan, Concessions- Burns

October 11- 7/8 PLC B

October 11- Quarterly Incentive Day

October 11- Craft Show Set Up in Gym starting at 4:00

Tim and Ursula will lock classrooms as they clean that evening

October 12- 13- Brush and Pallet Club Craft Show

October 14- Professional Development Day

October 14- 18- National School Lunch Week

October 14- 17- 7th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @ St. James

October 14-17- 8th Grade Girls Basketball Tournament @ Owensville

October 15- Faculty Meeting, 7:20

October 15- Cross Country @Owensville, 4:00

October 17- 24 HMS Scholastic Book Fair

October 17- Great American Shakeout, 10:20 a.m.

October 17- 4-6 PLC's

October 17- 7/8 Grade Football vs. St. Clair

Gatekeeper needed

October 18- End of 1st Quarter

October 18- 7/8 PLC Group- Cancelled

October 18- No Tardy Party

October 21- 24- Bus Driver Appreciation Week

October 21- Grades Due, 3:00

October 21- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball @ Sullivan, 5:30

October 21- PLC Training in Jefferson City

October 22- Four Rivers Conference Cross Country Meet, 2:30

October 24- Early Dismissal for Parent Teacher Student Conferences

October 24- 7/8 grade Girls Basketball vs. Union

October 24- November 8- Cardinal Calendar Sales

October 25- 28: Fall Break- No School

October 28- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball @ Riverbend in Pacific,5:30

October 29- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball @Union, 5:30

October 31- 4-6 PLC's