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Happy Monday! Only five short days to go, hang in there and be sure to BE THERE for your kids all week long!

Have you ever wondered how you can better enhance your students' learning experience by integrating technology? Sarah S. shared this article and stated; "We don't need to stress over technology! Plan well, take your students to the next level with their thinking, and then incorporate the technology if it will enhance the work. Here is a thought provoking quote from the article and link for follow up.

"A teacher should create the lesson that will best meet the goals and benchmarks set forth by the state and is engaging to the students in the classroom. Now that the teacher has created this amazing lesson, they should take a look around and see what tech tools they have available to them. Will those tools make this lesson better? More engaging? Will it save the teacher or students time and/or energy if it is used with this lesson? If the answer is no to these questions, then technology is not needed for this lesson. If the answer is yes to one of these, the teacher should look to infuse this technology into their lesson plans."


Professional Learning Communities - "DEVELOPING"

PLC's throughout the school are responding to self-reflective analysis of the teams collaborative practices using the LBD rubrics. Teams are discussing their data and responding to specific areas of the rubric where they feel that they can make great gains. I am super excited by this work and commend all of our teams for continuing to push forward in becoming highly focused and driven by our students needs based on their assessment data.

Fish Philosophy - Did you research me?

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White Teachers at the Crossroads Number 18:

Fall 2000 Approximately 90 percent of K-12 teachers in the U.S. are White, while 36 percent of the national school population are students of color. This contrast underscores the critical role of White teachers in challenging racial bias in the curriculum and in school culture. A prerequisite for effectiveness in this effort is a willingness to confront one's own attitudes and privileges. A Moral Choice by Dr. Joyce E. King

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This Week: Scheduled Activities

Today: Young Audiences Convocation (Peter and the Wolf) - 9:10AMYear Book Club - 4PM12/18/12: 3rd Grade Science Club and 4th Grade Choir2nd Grade RTI - 8AMKaminski Principal Meeting (El Ed) 1-3PMPLP Webinar 4 - 4PMPTO executive committee - 4:30PM3rd and 4th DI - 4PM12/19/12 - Staff Meeting - Coffee and food provided - A.L.I.C.E. TRAINING1st Grade Team Meeting - 4PMGame On - 4PM12/20/12: 4th Grade Science Club and Math Bowl - AM12/21/12: PTO Sponsored Staff Breakfast - 8AMLast Day of 1st SemesterCould be the last day of Earth if the Mayans are correct (Huge Red Alert Drill Opp)Winter Classroom PartiesJeans and Winter Spirit Wear


There is a great deal of buzz around the lack of our technology committee this year and I wanted to clarify the reasoning for not continuing the work of the past two years. The largest factor in not working on formal technology planning and training is due to the work of the HSE 21 pilot group. It is their work that is awaiting board approval for a potential one to one roll-out in the near future. The decision is rather monumental and in many ways pins our planning or tech action down to a minimum. We could meet, brainstorm, and create all day long, however we don't know what direction or what technology we will have access to next school year. I am also very eager to share how the PLP committee is working deeply with technology integration and in January you will begin to have an opportunity to learn more about the PLP process. In doing so our staff will become aware of how the PLP team has access to technology/instructional resources that are superior compared to the past. Look for some PLP action activities and learning opportunities voluntary, coming your way in January. It is our quest to use every ounce of our technology available in a manner that is highly engaging and purposeful for student learning.