SDS Lower School Art

From Kindergarten to Kandinsky

Overview of the Lower School Visual Arts Program

Through the exploration of many different media including paints, pastels, charcoals, pencil and ceramics, children learn the language of art in a structured, well-planned curriculum. This planning enables students to progress and build on the previous year's foundation. Students are encouraged to interpret their world through personal expression which becomes most apparent in our “Expressions” art show each Spring. This exhibit displays a self-selected work of art from every child in the Lower School.

Another unique and effective program at SDS is the Artist-in-Residence. Made possible by the Mildred H. Dent Endowment for the fine arts, talented professionals share their expertise throughout the year, in which children are active participants learning the craft of the wide array of artists that come to campus.

Every week students study different artists, styles, technique and history, which guide them to a greater understanding and appreciation of visual art. The arts are an integral part of life for students 3K-12. The lower school foundation is the first step in this journey.

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