White Rhinos

By: San Shrestha P.6

White Rhinos

Could you imagine being the last of your species? It's like this for the white rhino everyday. There are only four white rhinos left on Earth. White Rhinos are a very endangered species and there are only about 4 left in the world. These 4 are the remaining of its species.

Why Are They So Special?

They are very rare to come by in the wild. you will probably never find one even if you tried very hard. their color is very unique and beautiful too. White rhino horns are also the longest rhino horns and that's what makes them special.

What Do They Eat and Where Do They Live?

Since there are only 4 white rhinos left, they are in conservation. If there were more they would live in grasslands and occasionally open savanna woodlands. White rhinos feed on plants and any fruits they can find. They sometimes even eat twigs!

Are White Rhinos Going Extinct?

They critically endangered and are kept in conservation. There are only 4 white rhinos left in existence, not including the one that died recently. "A northern white rhino has died at a San Diego zoo, leaving only five worldwide and bringing the species closer to extinction.'' This was CNN's main topic on December 15, 2015.

How Is Their Population Decreasing?

Poachers are hunting them for their horns. Their horns are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Obviously the poachers sell the horns to get money. "Like its African cousin, the black rhinoceros, the white rhinoceros has suffered from habitat loss and poaching for the international rhino horn trade" quoted from Widescreen Archive.

Since There Isn't Many White Rhinos Left How Can We Help Them?

To help white rhinos we can always just leave them alone. the reason they are going extinct is because of us humans. Still though people will try to hunt them, so try to stop any one who will try to do so. Eventually they will die of old age, so there's nothing we can do about that. whatever we do or don't do will affect the white rhinos greatly.


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