Titan Times

Eastlake High School 9.3.19

Titan Family

Dear Titans:

First and foremost, be careful of the great pumpkin heist. Soon, pumpkin will be a part of everything from coffee to toothpaste. Pace yourself people. On to more important news... the first grading period is almost upon us. Please be mindful of turning in your grades in a timely fashion. More below. We are also moving toward some important discussions around WASC that will lead to our primary focus for professional development for approximately the next two years. Stay aware and stay involved. Here are some key reminders for the week:

A. WASC. Our WASC group met this past Friday and we have outlined some key objectives for the group. You will be receiving your group assignment and an overall framework on what to expect as we take a deep dive into the systems and expectations of our great school.

B. Culture and Climate Committee. Thank you to Mr. Brickley, Mrs. Jacome, Mrs. Stroberg, Mr. Smith and Mr Banuelos for representing us at the National Equity Project training last week. They will use this training to help guide our staff in important dialogue about cultural competence and social emotional learning through the WASC process.

C. GRADES. Make sure you follow through with Mrs. Arroyo's deadlines for turning in grades. It is imperative we meet the deadlines to ensure that grades are posted in a timely fashion. Grades must be submitted by Infinite Campus by Wednesday, September 4th by 7:AM. Additionally, you must have a hard copy in your blue grade folder submitted to Mrs. Arroyo by the same date and time. Please let administration know of any questions or concerns.

D. FAC. We have an FAC meeting coming up shortly. Please make sure you check in with your department about concerns. We will mainly focus on WASC for this meeting.!

E. Titan Way Pins Update. On Tuesday, you should receive a small envelope with four pins. Please use the pins at your discretion. We are still trying to order more. The student can have the pin and we will work on ways to collect them in the end with incentives for discounts on school items. I love that they want them! Still, fill out the link or send the student with a note on Friday morning.

F. Peanut Allergies. Please be mindful of students who might have peanut allergies in your class and encourage students to not have any food items out containing nuts. We had a student who needed to apply an epipen. Please advocate for the student and be his/her champion.

Have a great week Titans. Can't wait to see you all in action. Go Titans!

Keep Shining,

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

Classroom Needs

Add your concerns to the list and we will do our best to address your needs.

Week at a Glance

Click here to see what's happening on campus!

Classroom Observation Schedule

Click here to see the observation schedule. Remember... for now, we will ask the students the WHAT, WHY and HOW of learning. We are going to ask up to five students about learning goals and will record the data for us.

Titan and SEL Connection Challenge

Each week, I will post a simple challenge. Some of you do these challenges already. I invite you to take a moment to mix it up for yourself and get even more connected to our school community.

This week's Titan Challenge: This week I will let students vote on a teaching strategy in class.

Self-Care Challenge

I care deeply about the staff. We give so much of ourselves to our students and parents. Take time for balance and reflection.

Self-Care Challenge: Make a goal to try something new or visit a new place during the upcoming break.

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