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May 3, 2021

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Custom Graphics to Show Appreciation; Businesses Honoring Teachers

You may have seen several of these floating around Twitter and Instagram.

Businesses Honoring Teachers This Week Yes, many wish the appreciation was not just a week, a free order of french fries, etc, but there are some opportunities if you wish.

Corwin and Heineman are offering discounts and free shipping.

There are many matching opportunities for Donors Choose, some beyond just this week.

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Horace Mann has yet again another way to honor teachers. They have a variety of prize packages they are awarding this week. including gift cards to Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowes. Enter here!

WeTeachers has many giveaways on their site. They currently have 13 different opportunities.


During Teacher Appreciation Week and throughout May (May 2-20), Toyota and the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) are asking families to come together to create a short video nominating a teacher who supported them during the past year. Simply visit NCFL’s Facebook, Twitter, or website to click on the post to learn more

A team of families will review submissions, and ultimately 150 teachers across the country will receive $1,000 each from Toyota and NCFL to support learning next year.

A Favorite Tool for Many: Blooket

Getting Started with Blooket - Teacher Edition
Blooket is a game-type site that has many different modes, Teachers can import materials they have already created in quizlet, search for already-made sets, or create new material. Here is a very thorough review from Miguel Guhlin. This post has many great examples from Erika Brunnmeier on how she uses Blooket in middle school math.
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PBS NewsHour EXTRA and CoBuild19 invite students, educators, and families to share stories through art or text that express how the pandemic affected them and their communities. Submissions will be compiled and shared to aid everyone in the healing process.

More details and some examples are available on this google site or google doc. One of the project leaders is Adam Maltese of Indiana University and CoBuild19.
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Free Templates from @MrsParkShine

While Esther Park also has a TpT store, she is offering over 60 free useful templates on her site. The free items are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. Her "Virtual Tug of War" is just one example.
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Rose-Hulman PRISM will be facilitating in-person Sustainable Alternative Energies Summer Boot Camps for Indiana teachers grades 4 -12 who include units on sustainable and alternative energies in their curriculum. One is June 20-25 ; the other is July 11-16.

  • The program combines academic PD with vocational site visits to some alternative

energy providers in Indiana. (Some may have to be virtual visits.)

  • Teachers will develop standards-based, practical, and comprehensive lessons for units

on sustainable alternative energies.

  • Upon completion each teacher will receive a kit of supplies containing

materials for all the lab activities done , and 45 PGPs.

  • All participants will be housed in a residence hall on the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology campus and meals will be provided.

Find more information here.

Grieving little boy turns sadness into smiles

Learning Opportunities (all times EDT, Free Unless Noted)

May 4: Keep Indiana Learning Webinar-Virtually DIfferent: Leveraging the LMS to Design & Deliver Professional Learning, 12:30 pm

May 4: US DOE Summertime STEM Webinar, 2:30 pm

May 4: Digital Learning Design Strategies for Today’s Teacher, 4 pm

May 4: Rebuilding a Schoolwide Culture of Reading and Writing, 5 pm

May 4: Keep Indiana Chatting (on Zoom), 7 pm

*May 5: Weather Safety and Spotter Training for Indiana Students, 9:30-11:30 am

May 5: Harvard Education Now Webinar: The Power of Resilience, 3 pm

*May 5: Webinar with author Victoria Jamieson and Omar Muhamed, from the Graphic Novel When Stars are Scattered, 3 pm

May 6: Learning Forward Ways to Celebrate Educators Webinar, 3 pm

May 6: AMLE Webinar-A School Leaders's Role in Safeguarding Democracy, 4:30 pm

May 9: New Deadline to Submit AMLE Conference Proposals

*May 10: Keep Indiana Learning Motivational Monday Series-Powerpreneurship: Storytelling in Action with Anthony Murdock, 12:30 pm

May 11: AMLE Webinar-Introducing Schools of Distinction, 6 pm

May 12: NJAMLE Webinar, "Help Learners with Disabilities during Remote Learning," 4 pm

May 12: PAMLE Webinar- What Have We Learned: What Do We Keep, Change, & Throw Away? 7 pm

May 17: KIL Spring Speaker Series, Adam Saenz, "The Power of a Teacher" 4:30 pm

May 17: KIL-Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with Dr. Denisha Murff, 4:30 pm

May 20: First Deadline for Student Hindsight 20/21 Projects

May 20: AMLE Webinar-A Virtual Approach to Social & Emotional Learning, 4:30 pm

June 29-30: Keep Indiana Learning Summer Conference

*Includes (or aimed at) Students


Keep Indiana Learning Live Events, Archived Events

Indiana eLearning Lab. Must log in to see workshop topics. This week's live sessions: Instructional Videos Featuring You & Reflecting on Student Learning with Jamboard

PATINS Trainings for Accessibility for All

Corwin Monday Afternoon Webinar Series

Leslie Fisher Webinars

Teachers First/OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

AMLE Podcast Series

Summer CS & STEM Ops Collected by DOE

Please note: Webinars and events mentioned in this space are not an endorsement of commercial products; on the contrary, we try to avoid listing events that appear to be commercial in nature. Every effort is made to strip social media/tracking data from provided URLs.


INSPIRE3 philanthropy education and service-learning projects are available on our website as well as IASP. You can also go direction to Learning to Give for current ideas, including standards-based lessons.

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