No Promises in the Wind

Lost Love

Title of Book

The title of the book is No Promises in the Wind. This title really says things about this story about these two young boys. Josh and Joey are two brothers that go on this trip away fro their house. Josh was leaving because of their father. Joey left because his brother was leaving.
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Character's remarks and/or actions

Josh decided to leave his house because his dad was being very judge mental. Josh had always hated his father, because when his brother was born his father left him and had to take care of Joey. Joey was a very sick child. One night at dinner, Josh was asking for more food his dad yelled at him because he was wasting food. his father was mean because he could not find a job to support his family.
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conflict and outcome

Man vs. Man is the conflict and outcome. I chose this because Josh loved his father before his brother was born, his brother was always sick. Later Josh and his father always fought about stupid things. That was when Josh decided to leave the house and go out on his own. Joey really wanted to go with Josh and forced Josh's friend Howie to let he go with them.
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contrasts between characters

Howie and Josh are very different because Howie was always the kind hearted person, and Josh was a little more hard headed. Josh never really liked his brother because in his mind he was the reason that his father was mean to him and never loved him again. When Josh and Howie were talking about leaving. Joey had heard about it and wanted to come. Josh wanted to leave him and go out on his own. Howie was the one that really cared for Joey and let him come along. Josh loved his brother, but in a weird way. Josh gave the hard love and Howie was the one to care for Joey.
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