Dibee's Climb Up the Mountian

Amanda Dibee

Bottom of the Mountain

It Takes Many Colors To Make A Rainbow

I have a blue personality. That means that I care alot about other people and I do not speak very straight forward. I can't take it when people talk to me straight forwardly. I put other people and their feelings before my own to make sure that every one is happy, even if I am not. I am loyal and trustworthy and will always be there for you when you need me. I am supportive and kind. I care about you wether I know you well or not. I always do my best to find a solution that makes everyone happy.

The Mind Set Of A Mountain Climber

I am slightly more left-brained than right, which means that I think a bit more logically than creatively. Although, since I am close to equailtiy in my brain, I think both creativly and logically. I think before I act, but when I have the oppurtunity to be creative, I astonish people with my thoughts. I maintain good grades, and always strive to be better.

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What Am I Good At?

I am good at alot of things, but this is what my kuder skills results were.

1. Health Informatics

2. Professional Support Services

3. Correction Services

4. Emergency and Fire Management Services

5. Agribusiness Systems

What Interests Me As I Climb

1. Therapetic Services

2. Personal Care Services

3. Support Services

4. Emergency and Fire Management Services

5. Health Informatics

According to my Kuder results, I have an interest in helping people. This goes along with my blue personality.

What I Value In Life

The following work values are placed in order from most to least valued :

1. Workplace- I want a spacious tidy workplace that accomodates me and my needs.

2. Accomplishment- I want to feel like I am making a difference when I work.

3. Innovation- I want to constantly improve the world around me.

4. Prestige- I want an impressive job that makes other people jealous.

5. Income- I somewhat care about how much money I make.

Half-way Up the Mountain

Plans For High School... GO TIGERS!!

Freshman 2013-2014

Freshman 2013-2014:

- Volunteer in Bentonville

- Plan to take the PSAT

- Begin researching my career and educational requirements of each

- Read a wide variety of books

- Be familiar with college entrance requirements and plan my studies accordingly

Sophomore 2014-2015

- Maintain good grades

- Take the PSAT

- Investigate cost of various college programs

- Gather information about different colleges

Junior 2015-2016

- Narrow career into one or two fields

- Take as many academic courses as possible

Senior 2016-2017

- Meet with college representatives

- Apply for scholarships and grants

- Register to take any college entrance exams

- Schedule college tours

- Look for acceptance notices

High School Graduation

Monday, May 20th 2013 at 10am

1270 Leroy Pond Drive

Fayetteville, AR

Woohoo! On my way to College!!!!

Almost There!!

College Life at The University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas: A great place to call home.

Requirements to Be Accepted: High School Transcript, High School GPA, Addmissions Test (SAT or ACT), and Completion of College Prep Program.

I will attend for 4 years and majior in pre-vet. Total enrollment is 22,,690 people. The percentage of students admitted is 61%.48.66% of attendees are females. 31.34% of attendees are males.

The mascot is the Razorback. It is a public school.

In-State tuition is $7,174 per year. Books and supplies cost $1,214 per year. Room and board off campus is $8330 per year. Other expenses per year is $3,746. After 4 years at University of Arkansas I will have paid $81,856 total.

For more information CLIKE HERE!!!

The Veiw Is Worth The Climb!

The Many Tasks of Veterinarian

- Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or preforming surgery

- Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries

- Provide care to a wide range of animals or specialize in a particular species such as horses or exotic birds

- Plan orexecute animal nutrition or reproduction programs

ALL The Education Needed To Be a Veterinarian

Veterinarians must obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a state license. Students taking pre-veterinary courses should take classes in organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, general biology, animal biology, animal nutrition, genetics, vertebrate embroyology, cellular biology, microbiology, zoology, and systemic physiology. In addition to satisfying pre-veterinary requirements, applicants must submit test from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT) or the Medical College Addmission Test (MCAT). You must have a license to start practice. Some new graduates choose to do a one- year internship. Interns recieve a small salary, but it lead to better job opportnities later.

Working Conditions

- Work long hours

- Noisy enviroment

- Sometimes deal with emotional or demanding pet owners

- Risks of being bitten, kicked or scratched

- May be on call

- Night or weekend work

Life is a mountain. Do not stop climbing until you are satisfied with the veiw.

Thank you!!