TnT Class News

FBC Covington, 2/3/14


- Allen James - esophagus

- Kathy Jeffries (Saba's Mom) - Breast cancer

- Lisa Conner – She is scheduled for breast surgery on 2/13 at Northside Hospital. They are to remove a cancerous spot. She has stage one cancer and is relieved they found it early.

- Anderson Krieger– Leukemia

- Cody & Sally – Finalization on closing on home 2/14

- Richard Tanner (Jimmy's brother) – has been diagnosed with acute leukemia

- Lynn Strickland - CCU, heart attack; Rehab

- Jeff Driggers - children's health; Caroline - surgery

- Gloria Cocksell (Missy Steele's Mom) - Back surgery

- Linda Gauthier - Cancer; surgery to remove tumor

- Coach Williams - GWA coach involved in motorcycle accident; broken pelvis

- Carlene Overstreet - Cancer

- Bobby Patrick (Leigh Ann Knight's father) - at home

- Judson / C&C

- Our Service Men and Women including Sarah Walsh (Marines - daughter of Rob & Laurie Walsh) and Nick Tanner (Marines - son of Jimmy & Saba Tanner)


Yesterday we covered Ephesians 4:25-32. In it Paul reminds us we should not walk (live) like we did before we knew Christ. We should now know the difference between our “old man” and our “new man” by now if we are living with the Holy Spirit in us.


Still we are reminded that we should:

· Speak the truth

· Control our anger

· Do honest work

· Use uplifting and beneficial speech

· Act with kindness


We also talked about those with a heart that’s become hardened toward God lives, as well as the changes that we’ve seen in our society over the years. Things that once were considered unacceptable or even detestable are now not only acceptable, but are commonplace or even the norm. Unfortunately this also applies to many Christians and many churches. The enemies of God tempt us and often times gradually pull us back into our old way of living.


Many of us have heard this illustration, but it fits. If you put a frog into a boiling kettle it will hop out immediately. But if you place it in a kettle of cool water and slowly, gradually change the temperature, it will boil to death! The things that pleased God thousands of years ago, and the things that displeased God thousands of years ago have not change and will not change. We have to know what pleases and what grieves God so we can stand firm when the world around us tells us “It’s o.k., it’s just……”


We must be like the Bereans in Acts17:11 who searched the scriptures daily to discern whether things being taught were true.


Don’t miss next Sunday, we have something different planned. We’ll take a break from Ephesians and enjoy a great lesson taught by Jim Alexander. Trust me, you’re gonna love it!



We will make plans to go to an afternoon matinee as a group to see "Son of God" in theatres. More details to come later on this event from your Social Chairpersons, Jennie and Lynda.


On Sunday mornings, Pastor Cody is continuing a 6-part series called: What is the Gospel?

Here are the dates & titles:

Feb 9th – What Happens after someone is saved?

Note: Make good use of the new "Sermon Notes" that are now inserted in the bulletin!


On Sunday evenings, Pastor Josh is doing a 6-part series on Judges and will also last until February 9th.


Going Deeper with God Prayer Conference will be on February 15th & 16th with guest speaker Dr. Greg Frizzell who is coming in from Oklahoma.

His website is

if you would like to visit this for more information on Dr. Frizzell and his ministry. We will not have Sunday school on the 16th and no 8:15 service.



SACK LUNCH SATURDAY (for our class) - April 26th

VBS - June 1st-4th

Youth Mission Camp - June 16th-20th

Summer Music Activities for Kids - July

Family Talent Night - August 3rd

Church Picnic - October 19th


The Network Name for the Fellowship Hall is:


The Password is Go9031FBC

Dr. Cody H. McNutt, Senior Pastor

Charles Reynolds, Pastor of Median & Mature Adults and Church Administrator

Ralph Meaker, Pastor of Discipleship

Tim Barnes, Pastor of Worship

Matt Funk, Pastor of Students & Families

Josh Cornett, Pastor of Children & Families

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