Ms. Valentour's Mumblings


We've been learning a whole lot this week!

FUNdations- We have learned the bonus letter rule of ff, ll, and ss. If at the end of a one-syllable word, and if the word has one vowel followed by an f, l, or s then double the consonant. It's considered a bonus letter! We mark the bonus letter with a star on top. We are also reviewing the glued sounds like -all, -am, -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung, -ank, -ink, -onk, and -unk. These sounds are "glued" together because they make ONE sound. The glued sounds are marked with a box around them. We'll be working with the bonus letters and glued sounds throughout Unit 2.

Literacy- This was our last week of the Launch Unit in 2nd grade. We read a variety of texts including Hungry, Hungry Shark (Non-Fiction), Nasty Bugs (Poetry), and King of the Playground (Fiction). We're learning a variety of skills and strategies to help us become better readers. We visualized during Nasty Bugs. We wrote on post-it notes important facts that we remembered during Hungry-Hungry Sharks. We discussed important parts of the story with our partner during King of the Playground.

Math- We have been measuring fools this week!! Ask your child the difference between an inch and a centimeter (they should be able to tell/show you on a ruler). We also extended our learning by putting the 2nd graders to work with a hands-on word problem. They loved it!

Writer's Workshop- This week, students began editing their writing. They have been looking for capitals, ending marks, finger spaces between words, and a beginning, middle, and end to their story.

We have also been making sure that we have a good lead to our story--it can be a question or something that excites our reader and an ending that echoes the beginning.

S.T.E.M. Science-Mrs. Zriny was here with us on Friday for our special SCIENCE day!! We had a blast with her! She kept everyone busy with hands on science fun! Our class was partnered up and had a model of a doghouse. They had to find the best roof for the doghouse through various materials (ie. foil, paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.) The class had spray bottles and water droppers to act like rain for the "weather." They had a blast! Thank you to our P.T.O. for letting us have Mrs. Zriny and letting her be a resource for the teachers too.

Special Events Coming Up....

Thursday, September 22nd-PTO Pizza Wars--Yummy!!

**Both 2nd Grade Teachers--Ms. Valentour & Mrs. Turley will be at Pizza Wars--Come join us!*

Thursday, September 22nd-PTO Savers Fundraiser

Friday, September 23rd-No School-District Inservice

Monday, September 26th- Field Trip Money due for Snow Queen

Please make checks Payable to: Woodridge School District #68

Tuesday, September 27th-Picture Day--Smile!

Tuesday, September 27th-After-School Clubs Begin

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