Red Ribbon Week

Kyler Kelsey

How Did Red Ribbon Week Start?

Red Ribbon Week started in 1985 after the kidnapping of Enrique “ Kiki “ Camarena. He was working under cover in Guadalajara, Mexico when he and his pilot Captain Alfredo - Zavala – Avelar were kidnapped. Representatives of the Mexican Federal Judicial Police presented that he was mistakenly kidnapped by a man and his three sons. The MFJP soon discovered both bodies of Enrique Camarena, and Zavala – Avelar at the mans ranch in Angostura.

Why Am I Drug Free?

I am drug free because drugs are very unhealthy. They keep you from being healthy, smart, active, and aware.

How Do You Stay Drug Free?

You can say drug free by playing sports, finding a hobby, taking an art class etc.