Feedback Day!

On Wednesday 22nd April it is Feedback Day in Capco UK!

This is just one of the ways we are looking to continue to promote and create a feedback culture within the firm and get everyone into the habit of giving every day, constructive, real time feedback.

On this day I’d like to ask you all to reach out to those around you. Have a feedback session with your PM or coach, catch up with your teams about what is going well and what could be going better, and proactively ask for feedback from your network. Take an approach that works best for you, feedback can be communicated over an informal coffee or a formal catch up. You will have seen the Royal Mail Feedback Postbox sitting at reception already, but today it is surrounded by cupcakes, which you are welcome to once you've ‘posted’ your feedback.

Where logistics don’t allow or where you don't feel comfortable giving the feedback directly you can use an editable PDF postcard which you can send to the following address: (this goes to Capco HC and is then distributed accordingly). The PDF can be access by clicking

When giving feedback, please use the EEC model – this really does help in making sure the feedback you give is useful and actionable so please take a look and use it! The EEC model can be seen here

This isn't about having one day of feedback and then going back to normal. Let’s make a real effort as a firm to make this part of what we do every day, and we'll all reap the rewards of the result. We will be monitored on our feedback culture as an account so please make every effort to support this initiative.

Bon appétit!