Justin Hedrick

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Family LIfe

I was born on October 2, 1999. I was the first child to my parents Beth and Gary Hedrick. Two years later my sister Katie was born into the family. Years later we adopted the fantastic cat Ace, who later died which led to the adoption of our cat now bluebell!


My most favorite thing to do is play basketball! I have played since I was 6 years old and still play to this day! I also enjoy looking and collecting shoes! There are so many different types and desighns on shoes which makes everyone special


I have always wanted to be a coach! I enjoy teaching people and watching people learn and devolop into better people and athletes!
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Movie- Something about Marry

Music- Pursuit of Happiness

Book- Enders Game

Food- Burgers and Fries

T.V. SHows- 24

Store- Footlocker

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Enders Game

The illistration above is a picture of Ender fighting to save the human race in a war with the buggers! He is the only chace they have as he leads his toon leaders into a battle that he concieves as a game!