Gregor the Overlander

Final Project

What happens next?

Gregor and Boots are safely at home. There are 5 sequels to this series. Gregor does go back to the Underland and does meet all of the characters again for another adventure.

Write The Next Sequel

In your sequel include:

1. Some of the Overlander characters

2. Explain how Gregor gets into the Underland again.

3. Explain what his task is.

Your story should be at least three pages long.

Your final project can be on line or a hard copy.

It should be neat and attractive and free of grammatical errors.

While you are free to finish the adventure, you don't need to complete the storyline.

Choose one type of final project:

A book including 2 pictures

A graphic novel

A pop up book with at least 2 pop-ups


APRIL 13- a written description of what you plan to do


Graphic Novels

If you choose to do a graphic novel, here are some possible templates. If there is one that you like, go ahead and print it off. If you have difficulty doing this, ask me and I'll print it off for you

What else could your Graphic Novel include?

* A cover page using calligraphy

* a map

* drawn pictures

* Pop Up books features- Below are some possible pop-up book ideas.

* A prophecy

*Put your story into book form and we'll publish it.

Pop -Up Ideas

Pop-up books are great fun to create. Here are some sample ideas.