Air Pollution

May be more dangerous then you think.

Air pollution throughout the years

"Outdoor air quality has improved since the 1990s, but many challenges remain in protecting Americans from air quality problems. Ground-level ozone, the main part of smog, and particle pollution are just two of the many threats to air quality and public health in the United States." I believe if we continue to work on making the air cleaner we can continue to improve the air condition like we have been throughout the years.

Air pollution causes and prevention

"Outdoor air pollution is caused by small particles and ground level ozone that comes from car exhaust, smoke, road dust and factory emissions." I believe if humans use more Eco friendly ways of transportation and avoid things that pollute our air, then the air quality will improve greatly and benefit many people and things all over the world.

Air pollution effects on our health

"When inhaled, outdoor pollutants and pollen can aggravate the lungs, and can lead to chest pain, coughing, digestive problems, dizziness, fever, lethargy, sneezing, shortness of breath, throat irritation and watery eyes. Outdoor air pollution and pollen may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma." I believe if we don't make a effort to lessen air pollution, not only will the environment be effected negatively but we will also face problems concerning our health." Air pollutants are not just a problem for the lungs. They turn out to be just as bad, if not worse, for the heart and circulatory system." This proves that air pollution can negatively effect your health in more then one way.

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