Take French at Tilghman

Learning a second language is fun and easy!

One of the most romantic (literally) languages in the world!

Learning French is easier than you think. Mrs. Turner will show you how to correctly pronounce the language while learning the structure and grammatical rules.

Our language is greatly influenced by French!

Just over 28% of the English language has been influenced by the French language. Many words Mrs. Turner will point out to you come from the French language; thus, making is more understandable and easier to comprehend.

France is not the only country that speaks French!

Over 75 million people around the globe speak French; that's more than 50 countries!

Does Tilghman have a French Club?

YES! We meet a few times during the year and plan activities together including going to local coffee shops, community service projects, holiday projects, and having a positive presence at Paducah Tilghman.

Contact Mrs. Turner if you are interested in signing up.