By: Trent Ecker


A long time ago in ancient Greece there was a heroic and well known strongman. Many people in the mortal knew him. His name was Camel. He amazed anyone who watched him perform his incredible feats of strength and bravery. He was known mostly for his ability to walk many miles with a 1000 pound boulder on his back.

Camel one was so proud and sure of his strength he challenged the gods themselves. He shouted in the sky "I challenge anyone to try to beat me in a strength competition". One day Cratus (the Greek god of strength) did appear before the crowd and accepted Camel's challenge. When Camel realized that a god did appear and challenge him he felt foolish; he didn't want to appear to be weak to the crowd that had grown around them.

He instead of backing of he made a bet with Cratus. "I will make a bet with you." Camel exclaimed. "If I win and beat you I will take your place as a god, if I lose you may do whatever you like". After many of their competitions of weightlifting, pulling boulders, and even boxing the scores were tied. Then Camel suggested a Tie-Breaker.

He wanted to do a competition with the very thing that made Camel famous. The competition was to see who could walk further with a 1,000 boulder on his back. This match was very close but in the end Cratus beat Camel by only about twenty feet. Since Camel had made a bet with Cratus he decided to put the rock on camel's back until one day, he might be able to beat him.

Until that day he will still always have the rock on his back. Every day as Camel thinks about how he could have avoided this, the more he realized how much of narcissist he was. Ever since then he still roams the deserts of the world thinking back on himself. He tries to feel better by helping people but he never feels any better about what he did and said as a human.