Westwood Wrangler

Volume # 3 Issue # 3

What does this picture represent to you?

I googled the world wide web to locate a graphic that best reflected the scope of the WW Wrangler for this week. I came across this textual graphic and it aligned to my thoughts for this issue.

To me change represents the very words depicted within this word collage. It will always occur. It will push me out of my comfort zone. It is an opportunity to adapt or transform myself for the better. It is what I make of it. "For I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul (1st Deputy to email me the author of this quote acquires door prize)."

What does the picture (below) represent to you?

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Change is the Only Constant.....

Heraclitus of Ephesos (c. 500 BCE) was a philosopher who contemplated the nature of life and the purpose of life. His writings were written to purposefully face the reader to independent thought and realization (or in my thought self-reflection).


The quote, "The Only Thing That is Constant Is Change," is attributed to Heraclitus as it's author/ or originator. This is a quote that our leader states frequently. It is indeed true and you hear it echoed throughout the halls of the WW Ranch. I would think that any school or institution that is transforming itself should echo the same.

If change is the only constant then what do you do with that change? Do you resist it? Do you accept it and keep it moving? Do you accept the challenge, adapt, and make it your own? Just something to self reflect on.

I choose to accept the challenge, adapt, and make it my own? The process of making it my own is using it as a learning and growing moment to make myself better as a person personally & professionally.

Deputy McCray thank you for accepting the change challenge!!

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Reading Rodeo Revamped thank you for accepting the change challenge!!

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Thank you Deputies, Marshals & Sheriff who accepted the fill the bus change challenge!!

Fill the Bus With School Supplies (Summer 2015)

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Have you accepted the change challenge?

Have you accepted the change challenge?

Are you taking the change and running, jogging, walking, or just riding (sitting) with it?

If a refresher is needed for those of you who have been at the WW Ranch. Of course, this is an introduction for those of you who are new to the WW Ranch:

Imagine our school is a old school Flintstones foot powered bus and it is filled with people who either help or hinder the team's ability to move forward (from Ron Clark's Move Your Bus)

Runners: Those who consistently go above and beyond for the good of the school.

Joggers: Those who do their jobs without pushing themselves.

Walkers: Those who are just getting pulled along.

Riders: Those who hinder success and drag the team down.


If you will note the underline under running with it. That is my option or aspiration. My continual focus is to be a runner and go above and beyond what is expected for the good of the school.

Change is the only constant. Let's make that change our own by owning it and running with it. Progressing from it in new and productive ways. The choice is certainly yours to make. I have made my mind up and will be focusing on it through my actions.