Egyptian Pharaohs

Anna Demkier

What is a pharaoh?

A pharaoh is an ancient Egyptian man or woman who was ruler over a kingdom or area.

Ramses II (2nd)

Some people say he was the greatest pharaoh of his time. Others say he was the worst. He was born sometime around 1303 B.C. his parents were, Pharaoh Seti as his dad and Queen Tuga as his mother. He was said to have had 200 children in his lifetime 111 sons and 51 daughters. Ramses II was fifteen when he became prince and became pharaoh in 1279 B.C. His wife was Ueretmaaneferara meaning one who sees the beauties of Ra. He reined for 66 years. He died when he was 90 and was buried in the Valley of the Kings but is now located in the Cario Museum .


Khufu's parents were Queen Hetepheres and Pharaoh Sneferu. He ruled for 23-63 years and during his reign took people with no home and had them help build the Giza in exchange for food, clothes, and needed items. he died in 2566 B.c.

Ramses I (1st)

He reined from either 1292-1290 or 1295-1294 because they didn't keep good records so no one knows which. His father was Seti and his child was Seti I. He was the founder of the 19th dynasty and he reined for 1 yrs. and 4 months. He was buried in the Valley of the Kings and in 2003 after being moved he was returned to Egypt.


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