Congratulations and Welcome

To Team Locket Ladies

Founder: Lorri Gail Moffatt, August 2012

I am so excited that you are now an official Independent Designer with Origami Owl!

Over the next few weeks I will be sending you some emails to help you on your journey to becoming an amazing designer! These emails will have links and tips to get you started. Please don't hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have. If you are not already a part of my team Facebook: please join me there. I share some amazing information for you to grow as a designer, as well as offer incentives and challenges. Please add my email and the Nest's email to your address book so our emails do not end up in your bulk or trash mail.

While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, I recommend setting up your personal message for your Newsletter and start to upload your email contacts.

Custom Message:

  • Login to your back office
  • Click Tools
  • Click Newsletter Management
  • Click Custom Message
  • Enter your message and Click Save

Adding Contacts (in Newsletter Management):

  • Click Subscribers
  • Click Create New (add individual email contacts)
  • Click Upload (upload an excel list of email contacts)

I look forward to working with you!

Your Mentor,

Lorri Moffatt



Check out your welcome email for important information about getting started

with your Back Office, take the time to explore the O2 Lounge. The information you will find is very valuable to the success of your business.


Think about who you want to share Origami Owl® with and keep a list of

prospective Hostesses, Customers and future Designers. Use the “Alice” worksheet found in your Back Office.


Set aside some time to unpack everything in your Business Package.

Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the materials you have received. Read over the Start Living Your Dreams book, fill in your info and my info and be ready to discuss your GOALS at our first meeting. I'm so excited, an exciting adventure awaits you!


Practice setting up your Jewelry Bar display. Get the 411 on Jewelry Bar display's and check out how to plan Profitable Jewelry Bars. Remember, your display should be inviting and easy to duplicate again and again, be sure to check your packing List!


To place an order, visit your Back Office and click on the Orders tab at the left.

  • Designer Order: Allows you to order product at wholesale cost
If you order product through here - you must keep track of any commission earned off of it as it will not be reported on your 1099 unless ordered at Retail and commission is paid.

  • Business Supply Order: Allows you to order business supplies

  • Jewelry Bar Order: DO NOT USE THIS OPTION -

This option will not tie into your existing Jewelry Bars so please do not use this option or you will have orders/hostess rewards missing.


A Facebook Page can be a helpful tool in getting the word out about your new business and to keep your customers up to date on where you are going to be and what you have been up to.

Create your Facebook Page
Follow the prompts through Facebook to create your page, I personally used Business and Jewelry as my options.

**Approved Format to label your Facebook Page: Origami Owl - Designer Name, Independent Designer #(Designer Number)

Images for your Facebook Page

The Nest provides us with various images that are professional and keep your Facebook Page looking fresh. I also recommend using the images that Origami Owl posts on their Facebook Page or using images provided on our team Facebook Page.
Please remember to not crop or alter pictures - also please be sure to give credit where credit is due if utilizing pictures from other designers.

This will give you an idea of where to start.

There are also many training opportunities online for you to learn how to maximize your Facebook Page as well as engage your Fan's to get better exposure.

**Origami Owl Corporate does not allow Designers to use Paid Advertising through Facebook - please be aware and do not "Sponsor" or "Boost" your posts as this is against Policies and Procedures.


Your Mentor:

Lorri Moffatt, designer number #3694

Call/Text Me:706.564.2223

Email Me:

Designer Care:

888.491.0331 Option 2

Important Files to Review:

Policies and Procedures

FedEx Ground Map

PayQuicker FAQs

Create a Jewelry Bar

Close your Jewelry Bar
(When you are ready to close your first Jewelry Bar - let's do it together)