Aunt Elda / Beer's lab

Did aunt Elda die of too much anesthetic?

What is Beer's law?

Beer's law is how long it takes for light to go through a solution.


The characteristic or function of Anesthetic is to numb the nerve cells and helps with pain and discomfort. Anesthetics can cause headaches. For me I have never had a anesthetic so I wouldn't know what it is like to get one.

How to make a 30% solution.

To make a 30% solution you will have to have a graduated cylinder, water, and the anesthetic. (In this example we will be using a 100 mL graduated cylinder.)

Step #1 – fill the graduated cylinder with anesthetic up to the 30 mL line.

Step #2 – fill the rest of the graduated cylinder with water up to the 100 mL line.

Steps for the lab.

Step 1 - Plug the colorimeter into your computer and open up Logger Pro on your computer. Make sure that Logger Pro recognizes the colorimeter.

Step 2 - On Logger Pro there should be a botton that says "collect" ; click that botton so that that it collects the data from the colorimeter.

Step 3 - Take the cuvettes that is filled with the solutions and put the clear side of the cuvette front to back in the colorimeter. (make sure you hold the sides of the cuvettes that are not clear.)

Step 4 - Click the top part of it (door) shut so the colorimeter can run it's light through the solution.

Step 5 - Logger Pro should automatically collect the data for you and make sure to save the graph.

Step 6- Clean up after the lab. Make sure all the cuvettes are clean and the work area is also clean.


Aunt Elda was over dosed with Anesthetic, which made her die. The Beer's law helped me with that because of the amount of light that went through the Anesthetic.