Dystopian News

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Recently Discovered Life saving substance

There is a recently invented substance called “Bio-Gel” or “Blue Goo” that is doing things that were never supposed to be possible. A world renowned scientist, Matthew Fox, is the inventor of Bio-Gel. We asked Fox to tell us about his invention. “Bio Gel is a substance that doctors can use to help regrow and support damaged organs and limbs. It is designed to work like human neurons but even faster,” Fox explained. It is so fascinating that this substance can regenerate cells.

Despite this amazing new invention, there are many regulations that come with it as it could be used in a way that it was never intended to be used. The Federal Science Ethics Board limits each person to the use of this gel so that it is not abused. There is a specific point system that is allowed for each person. Although amazing, this new invention makes us question whether our health system has gone too far to sustain human life. Is this treatment ethical? Is it moral? Is it inhumane and unnatural? It may be, but many can agree that they would do anything that it takes to save a loved one. We will have to follow up on this invention to see how it affects us and how it progresses.

Citizen Profile

We interviewed a neighbor down the street who lives in our current society and is familiar with the issues and growth. We asked a general question about the state of society now and she answered with, “I believe that medicine has been manipulated into doing something to humans that it was never intended to do. It has changed, and we have changed.” She went on to further explain how she feels about medicine and hospitals and believes that, “Doctors are corrupt and medicine is no longer practical. I think they are trying to help, but have taken it too far past humanity.” She seemed to be very opinionated about the issues in this society. When we asked if she thought that her opinion matters in this day and time and she replied with, “No. I feel controlled by other people and that no matter what I say, nobody will necessarily listen or try to understand the faults of our society.” The interview was wrapped up as we asked a concluding question, “How can you help restore society to normal order?” She took time to ponder this question and said, “I can figure out why these changes were brought about in the first place. I am not sure what caused this change in our society, but I know that life wasn’t always like this. Once I figure out the details of this change, I can figure out the correct way to stop it and restore order. I will bring back the humanity.”


Danger on the Horizon?

Recently rumors have surfaced about an approaching army moving towards Haven. Some citizens claim this rumor to be a serious threat and have already left Haven. The army is purportedly from a settlement known as Prentiss town. Prentiss town is an older town several miles outside of the edge of the city. Prentiss lost contact with Haven several years ago following a riot in Prentisstown. It is also reported that the riot was a result of an illness that passed through Prentisstown. The illness supposedly drove the men in the town to insanity. In recent years no one has come to Haven from Prentisstown. Some say that Prentisstown is simply a memory, that no town actually exists. No matter it’s credibility this rumor should be taken seriously. The potential for an attack is slim but possible. All citizens are advised to consider evacuating Haven.

Any attack that should come from Prentisstown will be heavily armed. No citizen will be allowed to remain in the city should the mayor deem this rumor a real threat. Any citizens who intend to stay in Haven cannot be guaranteed safety. Again all citizens are advised to take this threat seriously. All citizens should be prepared to leave Haven on short notice. Citizens will be expected to travel light and bring only necessities.

New Local Charter School

We recently interviewed a teenager that attends the new local charter school that is said to have a an emphasis on ecosystem studies. We sat down with Dane, a current student, who described the way that the school is set up and taught. We asked Dane why him and his parents choose this school and he replied with, “My school is for kids who are different in some way. For example, my friend Allys lost one of her legs and both of her arms.” He then went on to explain the structure of the classroom.

“We have small groups of kids that we stay with all day and an instructor named Dr. Rae,” he said. He said that there were five people in his specific class and explained that they learn differently than in a regular school. “We do the teaching. Each student has a subject that they research and then teach to the class.” We discussed that most of the students agree that they like this style of learning better and it helps them. Overall, Dane seems to like his school, as much as we can expect a teenager to enjoy school.
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End of a Species?

Like the dodo, spackle have been extinct for decades. Recent sightings outside of Haven however suggest otherwise. Citizens have reported seeing a strange figure moving through the northern treeline. The spackle were a species native to the planet. When humanity first arrived we were not met graciously. In an attempt to defend themselves the spackle waged war on humanity. This war claimed many lives and left the spackle population barren. Many would be hunters tracked down the remaining spackle. Afterwards it was believed that the entirety of the spackle population had been wiped out.

This put many of the citizens of Haven at rest. One of the greatest enemies to mankind had been defeated. But were we wrong? What if there are more spackle hiding among the trees. What if they simply retreated and are preparing for a counter offensive? Some say that the spackle that was sighted near the treeline was simply a lone survivor. Others say that Haven should begin preparing for the worst. In either case it seems humanity was wrong about the spackle. Perhaps they are a more formidable enemy than we anticipated.

17 Year Old Girl Tries to Remember Her Life After a Year Long Coma

Who is Jenna Fox? Waking up in a new house and new world after year long coma. Does anyone even know, or care to remember who she is? An accident that she doesn’t remember, yet no one will tell her about. Living with her mom, dad, and grandma in a small suburban neighborhood. Jenna doesn’t remember anything not even her friends or the life she had before. What was her accident? How did it happen? And why did they move? She knows they moved exactly when she woke up, but how did they know she was going to wake up? Jenna is contemplating the reasoning behind why she feels like she can’t ask her mom or even speak about the accident. She watches videos everyday of every moment from her childhood. Why did her family film her every waking moments?

Could they have known something like this was going to happen? Her dad being a doctor could he have known anything? He isn’t around much during the day, it’s mostly her mom and grandma. Her grandma is strangely distant and hostile toward her. She acts like she has something to hide. Jenna knows a lot about school and history and can recite things right out of the textbook. But when it comes to her life and childhood memories she has nothing. Not even the memories of her family. She knows her family knows something that she doesn't, and is hiding it for a reason. And It’s Jenna Fox ultimate mission to find out why.

What Makes Us Human?

Jenna Fox is only 10 percent human. Her memories uploaded and stored to a computer. And then loaded into the new jenna. Jenna thinks of herself as maybe not a human. What makes you a human? Is it the way you act or how your brain is working? What percentage is accepted as being human? Jenna doesn’t know if a soul can exist in a lab created environment.

She knows things she shouldn’t as a result. She also behaves more uniquely than other humans. These uploads to her brain make her a little different than average. But is she still considered a human? But she is also able to feel emotion, pain, and fear. Which is very human like. So what cualifies as being human?