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Beth Oyarzun

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Barbara and I am looking forward to our class together.
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I am a theatre teacher for Gates County High School In Gates County, NC. I received my bachelor's in Theatre Arts Ed from Lenoir-Rhyne University in Theatre Arts Education, K-12 and my Master's in Theatre Arts Ed from UNC-Greensboro. I just finished my 29th year teaching school. I have worked in Gates County for my entire career; however, I have taught at all of the schools. I am happy to be enrolled at UNC-W where I am working on an add-on licensure in CIS.
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What you might like knowing...

My family

In the meantime...

I'm married to a local surveyor, Paul, which is why I stayed here teaching. I moved here from Kentucky, for a job teaching theatre (result of the Basic Education Plan '87 at the time!) I am excited to start on this next part of my educational journey. I hope to be an arts education/integration specialist or coordinator. I love working with other teachers integrating the arts into their curriculum (or their curriculum into mine). It's all about creating opportunities to learn more together.

One college grad down, two to go!

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and finally...I live in a one stoplight county!

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Located At the Crossroads of 158 E & 32 S!

Our traffic jams consist of farm equipment and schools buses, with the occasional turtle crossing. No fast food and no major grocery store! Our school system has one high school, one middle school and three K-5 schools. At one point I taught in every school (traveling to three a day) and for many years, knew every student in the district because of that! It's a great place to raise a family,though!