Future Connection in the 2000's

We leap together, whether in person, or as a virtual avatar.

American Economy Takes a Hit for the worse.

After trillions in Republican spending in the last decade, the Democrats have slowly pulled the economy out of a recession. Unfortunately, no president, no fiscal or monetary policy will bring the country out as soon as we may hope. Now that all our troops our out of the Middle East, the defense budget is cut and more of it is allocated on R&D as opposed to having more troops and weapons. Taxes are at an all time high to slowly pay back the countries we borrowed from in order to maintain not only the American credibility but also to maintain the stability of the world economy. Back at home though, foreclosures are once again at an all time high and the interest rates are through the roof. No one will spend money and day after day, more people are getting laid off.

Tech Corporations Dominate American Life

Meanwhile, Google dominates American life as Americans cannot live without them. From the minute they wake up, to the drive to work, all the way until they fall asleep, Google is in every single aspect of our lives. All of our computers and electronic systems run on a Google I/O and who can imagine our lives without Google Glasses. Our cars are all integrated with our Google Glasses and our body monitors are also on the same system. Besides Google, Apple is the only company left in the smartphone industry. Our lives revolve around our phones for the iPhone can now do anything from making calls, to paying our bills, to monitoring our health, and to keeping us safe. Meanwhile, Larry Page and Sergey Brin defeat Tim Cook and Jonathan Ives in the presidential election.

Federal Government allocates mass funding for STEM education

The only way that the government is going to bring the US out of the recession is to spend more money on STEM education and that is exactly what they are doing. $500 billion have been granted to college students who chose a STEM major, which offers most a full ride to the college of their choice. Technical colleges and community colleges are also offering free education for those in the technology sector. The increase in an educated and prepared workforce will improve our economy and keep the US as a superpower.

The Future is Bright, Well at Least your Computer and Phone Screen's is.

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