Phone Bloks

Maybe it will work

How it works

Phone bloks is made to be easy simple and easily replaceable. This phone is designed to be to work better to of who you are and what you are like. If you where to buy a phone and it dosent work only because it has one thing that is broke and you throw it away and pay more for another and add on to pollution or you ship it to get it fixed for a lot of money. While the Phone bloks on the other hand and it has so much more better with pollution and is easily replaceable.

The Science comes in

The costomizable blocks that you put on your phone would work by copper connections on the back of your blocks. The copper connections is hooked on the back of the phone which is then making a connection to the whole phone.


The Creator Of Phone Bloks

Dave Hakkins

Smore Made By

Miles Weatherman

The Problem

There is a major problem with this is because all the the company's coming together isnt going to happen without a miracle coming about. You see its all about money to these company's they don't care that pollution is hurting innocent people because all they care about is who is going to get more money or whose going to get there name on the this ad.

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