A Day Without Technology

By: Lundyn Harris

The Challenge had Only just begun....

I never realized how hard it would be to go technology free for a whole 24 hours. I knew that it would be very challenging without my phone, but it seemed that I had even started to miss my television, music, and also my laptop. I would have to say this was definitely a HUGE challenge for me.

Emotion: Distraught

How I Started my Day

I woke up early and got ready for church but I knew something did not seem right. Every Sunday morning I wake and immediately plug my phone in to listen to Pandora and get ready because it is usually so quiet in my house and it helps me to wake me up. After getting ready I went to church and luckily some of my friends were there so I was able to hold a long conversation with them and explain the struggle that I was going through without my technology.

As the day slowly continued.....

After church my friends and I decided to go to Waffle House because I knew that if I went home I was going to be tempted to use some form of technology. The whole time we were at Waffle house I found myself being very talkative because I knew that I couldn't get my phone out and text so I had to keep myself occupied.
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Nap TIme

After eating I was so full I knew it was time to go home and take a nap. Usually before I take a nap I turn on the television to help me fall asleep and since I could not do that it took me FOREVER to finally fall asleep. After finally falling asleep I ended up taking a nap for three hours, which is by far one of the longest naps I have ever taken.
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Now time for the fun stuff... not really

After finally waking up from my three hour nap I decided to do some much needed chores like laundry. I ended up washing everything in my dirty clothes basket and folding all of them, which very rarely happens because I never have time to get all of that done in one day.
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Dinner Time

Now it is time for dinner and I knew that if I cooked at home I was going to want to either have the television on while cooking or listen to music. So after talking with my roommates about how hard this "digital Sabbath" was we all decided to go and get some dinner outside the house which also presented itself as a great boding experience.
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Time for Bed

Due to completing my homework the day before there was nothing left for me to do but to shower and go to bed. Usually I get in the bed around 2:00 AM because I am up doing homework, watching television or on social media, but thanks to this "digital Sabbath" I was in the bed by 10:00 PM.
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My thoughts on technology in life and its value

Technology is a very important asset in my life I am constantly on my phone whether it is to talk to friends and family back home, emailing professors, or texting. I am constantly on my laptop doing homework, or either watching television during my down time. I honestly could not imagine my life without technology. I think technology is very valuable in today's society, and I often wonder what the world would be like without the technology that we have today.

Education + Technology

I think that technology has been a very beneficial asset to education, and I think that as future teachers we should learn how to utilize them in ways that will benefit our students. In my opinion it is very important for us to know how to use technology because the students that we will be teaching have grown up in a very digital age and this might be one of the best ways to connect with them. I do think that in the classroom the use of a telephone should not be permitted because it can cause a distraction, but I do think using computers or other advancements are great tools as long as they are being monitored.
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