Way to Rock June!

S&D Team Be-Dazzled Update

Did You Know??

Wow! We had a record breaking month! As a team we sold close to $24,000 in accessories!!! Can you believe it? It is June! I can't wait to see what the fall holds for this amazing team!

Thank you to everyone that worked your business this month. Whether you sold 1 pair of earrings, wore your jewels on the go, or sold thousands of dollars, the success of this team would not be possible without you!

Take a look at our top sellers this month:

1. Melissa Villareal- $11,546 - Melissa is one smart cookie and she can sell like no other! She worked her business all month long AND promoted to Star Stylist!!! I am so proud of you, Melissa!!

2. Lindsay Haygood- $4,025

3. Sandra Mercado- $1,662- Sandra is a consistent top seller! There is nothing this fashionista can't do! And...she earned Level 1 of Glam Getaway.

4. Marisol Paez- $1120 - This gal joined us on June 20th!!! Not only did she sell over a $1000 in 2 shows, but she also earned her Quick Start Bonus!

5. Brenee' Wilsher- $1,027- Brenee' was the first on the board in June. She started this team off with a bang.

6. Heather O'Neal- $662 - Heather had $250 to go in order to qualify on June 30th...she didn't stop reaching out until she made it! Love her persistence!

7. Erika Duckworth- $653- Erika had an amazing trunk show and more than half her sales came from the sale items! She really styled and pushed the sale items to have a super successful evening with a great group of gals.

8. Chantelle Bacigalupo- $566 - Chantelle was selling on the go the last day of the month while covered in glitter at a photo shoot! Wow! I would have loved to have seen this in action : )

9. Karlie Orwig- $523- Karlie has been traveling this month but managed to get qualified with in 2 days of deciding she wanted to go for it!

10. Luchi Macias - $515 - Luchi was on vacation at Disney World when she decided she was going to go for it and put orders in! She was submitting orders at midnight while her family slept! Wow! That is dedication!

Important Information for You!

Tuesday, July 9th from 7-9pm

If you would like to participate in the Team Sample Sale in Kemah I need to know ASAP! It will be held on Tuesday, July 9th from 7-9pm. This means we need to market, market, market. The more that participate and the more we invite the more successful this event will be for us (and more fun for our customers!). Please let me know if you would like to participate and I will send you the details on how it works.

You can use the invite below and please have your guests rsvp (I would like to have a head count to give to the venue): http://bayareasummersamplesale.eventbrite.com/

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Ready for Fireworks in July?!

Who wants a Statement Necklace?

I know we are all wanting to get our hands on the fabulous fall collection. I want to do a fun Give Away with one of our new Statement pieces. Not sure what it will be yet, but I assure you it will be fabulous! For every $250 you sell this month I will enter your name into a drawing to win the statement piece. I think we can ALL get at least one entry, don't you? Bonus! For every $1000 you sell, receive 1 bonus entry! Woohoo!