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Another Great Website for Current Articles

Looking to get students reading while also informing them about current issues in the world? Check out TweenTribune for great articles to start using in your classes

Implementing PLN In Your Classes!

Looking to find more PLN information or sources after the professional development session? Click on the links below to find more info!

Check out the PLN folder on the desktop for resources or the bulletin board in the faculty room.

Kahoot- Using Interactive Games to Review

Looking for a way to review content with your students? Check out Kahoot, a website that offers teacher the ability to use already created competitive games or create your own game based off of your class! Get ready for students to get engaged and compete!

Check Out Some Of the Resources Below

Choice Boards- Give students the chance to choose

Looking for a way to get students to have choice in your classroom? Try using one of these choice boards to assess your students' understandings.

Access Content Oriented Choice Boards

Check Out Content Specific Resources