Most significant god in greek mythology

Thesis statement

In Joel Skidmore’s mythweb.com, Zeus, is the most significant god in Greek mythology that portrayed as a strong powerful leader of all the gods yet he was also known to be very flirty and also having many affairs.


Zeus was the ruler of the gods and was married to his wife, Hera, and even though he was married that didn’t stop him from having countless affairs. Now Zeus wasn’t always the ruler of the gods, he became ruler of the gods when he won a draw between him and his brothers got ruler of the god his other brothers weren’t so lucky one got god of the sea and the other got ruler of the underworld. Zeus had a lightning bolt and could control the weather.


For example, Zeus had many affairs and one time he even did it with a human and wound up getting her pregnant.


“As the sky god Zeus had easy access to the women of the world and took full advantage of it. Also, his power as a supreme god made him difficult to resist.” (Hunt).


This shows me that Zeus was very flirty and was able to get a lot of women. Also it shows how he had a lot of power by being able to go between worlds and was able to get some girls by having them be scared to deny him because he was so powerful and they feared they would be killed if they did so.


Although Zeus may have many affairs with other women he still has very good intentions when it comes to ruling for example severely punishing those who do misdeeds and rewarding those who do good deeds and many people look up to him for that.

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