Pierre-Auguste Renoir

78 years

Background History

Renoir was born in Limoges, France. When he was 13 he got a job at a porcelain factory, painting designs onto plates. A few years later he joined the studio of a swiss artist along with a few other now-famous artists such as Monet, and began to take painting more seriously. After working with Monet for a while, he soon began to separate himself from the impressionist form of painting. Eventually, though, in his later years, he went back to impressionism until he died.


Renoir, along with many other young painters in France, went against the Western styles of painting. Their style of painting went to nature and the society which they were a part of for inspiration. This change was the start of the Impressionism movement. The new works had a look of freshness with bright light and colors. Renoir's paintings were influential in this movement because they were easy to relate to.

Gladiolas in a Vase

This is my favorite painting by him because I love the colors. They're so soft and relaxed and easy to look at. It all molds together and there isn't anything that's glaring for attention. It also looks pretty realistic, but combined with soft edges and lines to make it clearly just a painting.