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April Newsletter

Our McKinley students are engaged and learning from home. Take a look at what is happening at school!

McKinley Positive Referrals!!!

Our students continue to shine and support the McKinley Roaring Tiger Pledge: I take care of my school, my teachers, my peers, and most importantly myself. Students are recognized by their teachers for outstanding participation, completing their assignments, motivating their classmates, additional reading and demonstrating excellence!

Congratulations to the MKS Tigers that earned a Postive Referral in April

Marco Sanchez

Tuuli Helin

Remy Devora

Bailey Laskey

Perry Fujii

Nicole Delgado

Ariana Martinez

Carter Sierra

Bella Chinchilla Ricard

Logan Vendrasco

Yusuf Junaid

Liv Matasci

Jeffery Sanchez

Jordan Hodges

Matthew Johnson

Skyler Seruyange

Kaylyn Williams

Sean Hall

Riley Robinson.

Elias Ramirez.

Hakyoung Seo

Romeo Soriano.

Sheneba Baldwin

Kathryn Kwan

Edward Boncamp.

Adrianna Benitez

Karina Delgado

Salinger Hurtado

Ja’Nyia Williams

Shadee Catchings

Liam Chingcuangco

Hugo Rosales

Aimee Rose

Rhylan Thomas

Natalia Reyes

Aiden Eastman

Kevin Umana

Michael Harmon

Valerie Vazquez

Naejoo Park

Alina Sharifi

Liam Hurtado

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Happy Birthday!!!

April Birthdays!

TK - 5

Ariela Rosa Anton

Isabella Flora Anton

Esmeralda Arredondo

Adrianna Benitez

James Borncamp

Bree Bradford

Nicolas Cabral

Federico Calchi Novati

Paolo Calchi Novati

Jaiden Carlos-Dominguez

Aurora Chan

Cinthia Chilel Lopez

Bella Chinchilla Ricard

Nicole Delgado

Aiden Eastman

Jesus Garcia

Jack Guerrero

Gael Guzman

Daisy Hernandez

Derrick Howell

Genesis Juarez

Jacob Kennedy

Richard Kim

Emily King Carretino

Emilio Maestas

Valerie Medina

Kaiden Mims

Desmarie Pardo

Luna Paz

Dariel Real Vega

Natalia Reyes

Christopher Salinas

Genesis Salinas

Skyler Serunyange

Isabella Shoman Medina

Katerine Siciliano Alonso

Jolie Silverio

Salinger Spalding

Lucas Vasquez Catalan

Denise Vergara

Nathan Vidal

Miah Villalobos

Isaiah Yoshonis

Harper Zimon


Chanel Alvarado

Matthew Arevalo

Lyla Baird

Luisa Boateng

Tyler Callum

Jaslene Castro Palma

Roxane DeLeon

Anna Delgado

Amora Evans

Landon Hall

Jazmin Jaquez

Andrew Katz

Payton Katz

Ajani Khalfani

Giselle Leyva

Ashly Melgoza

Nathan Mendez

Michael Palomo Rojero

Marcell Ruelas-Guzman

Esai Sanchez

Rodrigo Serrato

Thevan Vithanage

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month (April)

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Remote Learning at McKinley!

As we are all adjusting to our new Remote Classrooms, the structure may look different, but the expectations have not changed. Please know that we are here for you. This is a time when schools can continue to provide stability and optimism. I have witnessed kindness, grace and empathy during these challenging days. Teachers have transferred learning experiences with love and care needed to support the academic and emotional needs for our students. Again, we are here for you! See below for remote learning at MKS!

Mrs. Tovar's Class

Ms. Lacy's Choir Class!

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Mrs. Morrison's Class

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Mrs. Valdez’s Class Book Reports

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Mrs. Strehl's Class

The learners in the sunflower field have been working hard and having fun with their learning. They have been working on their language arts and math pages (They have finished their first big three week packet on Friday, April 17 and will be starting there ”Getting ready for kindergarten” packet on Monday) as well as doing some fun activities. The fun activities consist of things like - looking for three dimensional shapes around their home, creating a ramp to see how different ramps work, music classes with Mrs. Luu and most recently, tracing their shadows and watching how it changes throughout the day.

Special Delivery!

A big shout out to Mrs. Strehl who delivered some school supply packages to the homes of her students. Thank you Mrs. Strehl!

Harry Potter Book Club Scavenger Hunt

They did a super fun virtual scavenger hunt for my students in my class and for my Harry Potter Book Club! They were put on teams and had to take photos and videos of themselves completing ridiculous and creative missions! It was great to see kids as young as kinder all the way to 7th grade participate in sometime fun and educational!

Ms. Partma

MKS Middle School Teachers present....

Our McKinley School teachers miss you all very much! Thank you Ms. Partma for organizing and creating this video. We miss you all so very much!
McKinley School of the Arts on Facebook Watch

Vanguard/Summit Learning How to...

If you need some help supporting at home! Thanks Mrs. Coburn for creating!
The MKS Time Portal on Facebook Watch

Nominations for School Site Council

Your nomination(s) are valued for McKinley's next year's School Site Council (SSC). Council members include parents, teachers, school staff, administrators and community members who work together to develop and monitor a school's improvement plan. As a member, you can help make decisions for all of our students' success.

I've invited you to fill out a nomination form for 2020-2021 SSC Family Member Nomination/Mominacion para el SSC de un miembro de familia. Member representatives to school site council serve a two-year term. They will attend the monthly SSC meetings and serve as a voting member to approve campus goals and budgetary decisions.

Important Contact Information

Tech Help

626 396 3600 ext. 88830 OR HELPDESK@PUSD.US

Teacher E-mail

Families in Need

For families or students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, contact the PUSD Center for Student & Family Services - Families in Transition

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