CHE Update for 2/20

Coyote Staff Update

Morning Check-In Changes

Thank you for all of the feedback regarding the morning sign-in sheets. Effective Tuesday, 2/20, you will no longer be asked to sign-in at the binder each morning. As professionals, I do expect you to be here on-time and to check in with the main office each day. They enjoy seeing your wonderful smiles and they often have messages or papers that need to be signed and we want to avoid having them track you down. Remember to check your email upon arrival and to always keep up with your mailbox. Thanks for your cooperation.

Staff Survey--Please Respond


If you haven't completed the staff survey:



Library Remodel--Working Group

As many of you know, the PTA raised a substantial amount of money this past year for STEAM related purposes. One concept in development is a remodeling and re-purposing of the library space into something more 21st century and STEAM centered. I am forming a working group that hopefully will include a cross-section of individuals (library staff, district staff, teachers, parents, and students). If you are interested in the project, please contact me via email soon.

MAP Testing Nearly Wrapped Up

MAP testing is nearly over for everyone. We have a few more tests to give and some make-ups. I am creating a data spreadsheet for everyone. It is of utmost important that you immediately start holding data conferences with students. 3rd-5th can expect me to start visiting with students over the next couple of months as we prepare for the SBAC. I hope to have all data sheets for both subjects done for everyone by Tuesday morning (except 4th).

ELPAC Continues

Ms. Baker and Ms. Spence are continuing with ELPAC testing this week. It is of vital importance that you are flexible and patient with them. The work is time consuming and important and we want to support them as much as possible. A huge thanks to those teachers that have reached out to offer help. It is MUCH APPRECIATED.

Also, please keep in mind that 30 minutes of Designated ELD is mandatory and important for all of our English Learners. Utilize the ELD standards to help guide and inform your planning during this time and in integrated ELD.

Response to Florida

As is typical with the never ending stream of school shootings, I have received messages from parents and questions from students about what we do to safeguard our campus. I am positive that you serve as a strong front line for students physical safety and also serve as the caring individuals who help those students who are troubled and in need of support. Please reach out if you have questions or in need of help with procedures, plans, or students. Also, please keep in mind the sensitive nature of mental health and be a supportive ear and careful soundboard for your colleagues as they work through issues that confront them in the classroom.

Update for Events for February!

I shared my calendar a couple of weeks ago. My calendar, in addition to the school calendar, should COVER nearly all of the events for our school. So instead of listing everything below, from now on, I will highlight a couple of important things.

February: **MAP Testing Window Continues**, ELPAC underway

February 19: NO school, Presidents Day

February 22: CHE Triad @ 8:30--Martha Lacy and Justine Turner

February 22: Board Meeting Honoring Classified Employees--AMOS COLEMAN! @ 6:00

February 27: Leadership Meeting

March 1: SOM of the Lunch, Lego STEM (1st and 2nd)

March 2: No students--teacher work day

March 5-12: Lego STEM continues

March 7: Dangerous Persons Drill

March 8: Reports card due to admin

March 9: Family Reading Night (see email from Nic)

March 13: Fire Drill, NED Show (9:00-9:45)

March 14-16: Conferences

Open Forum--with District Staff

Thursday, March 1st, 3pm


Would love 100% attendance

RSVPs are enabled for this event.