Great Education in the 21st Century

Learning for Life

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning

Research shows effective teaching has the greatest impact on student learning and growth. Excellent teachers have 14 times greater impact on student learning than class size being reduced by five students.

Students achieve higher outcomes with a positive classroom climate with a calm and caring teacher who is sensitive and flexible to students needs.

The Shape of the Australian Curriculum

21st Century learners need a wide and adaptive set of knowledge, understanding and skills to meet the changing expectations of society and contribute the creation of a more productive, sustainable and just society. They need to be to be creative, innovative and resourceful learners who can problem solve, work independetly, collaboratively and have highly effective communication skills.

Helping students connect with their roles and responsibilities in broarder society

As a teacher at TPS I help students to connect with their roles and responsibilities in broader society through the values of our PBL framework. By teaching, reinforcing and encouraging our values of Respect, Care and Co-operation and Responsibility students are developing skills to be active, responsible citizens of the future.

As a Reading Recovery teacher, I teach skills which allow my students to take control of their learning, to problem solve and develop a self-extending learning system. They develop a sense of wellbeing and self-worth through feeling successful, having pride in themselves and their achievements. All of which are reinforced through praise, school awards and merits.

Students take part in cultural days, excursions, literature from different cultures and exposure to different cultures and religions through technology which develops understanding, empathy and acceptance of others.All making them better prepared for the future and giving them solid foundations to be responsible members of society.