Gold Canyon with Debra Green

we make the perfect candle baskets just for you!

Gold Canyon

Candles are a way to express and impress our keen smell of scent. The smell when we enter a room, office or any living space especially home should always be warm and welcoming and relaxing. I can smell you with Gold Canyon candles, and you smell great!

Please speak to Ms. Green on Saturday, October 12, 2013 to see the gorgeous home candle packages that she can create and display for you.

Ms. Debra Green will be pleased to meet you at:
60 Hill Avenue
Elmont, New York

Admission: Free

5% off to all City and State Workers with ID
Become a Hostess, invite 5 or more of your ladies to enjoy a day with Debra and you could win the Goddess Give-a-way!

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