Stop Deforestation Now!

Negative Effects on the Environment

The loss of vegetation cause climate change , desertification, dirt erosion, less crops, and flooding. The loss of the vegetation causes the climate to change because the tree's aren't there to trap some of the water vapor so it'll rain often. With the climate change come a different environment for the wildlife living their that may cause a change in the food web due to new species or a plummet in a species. Also, desertification and less crops come into play with more water vapor evaporating. With the increase in water vapor, the dirt becomes dried out leaving it as a dessert and the crops would be able to grow due to the decrease in water nutrients. Vegetation also acts as a block or a dam. When water flows fast downhill the trees block some of it leading to the decrease in erosion, but when the trees are gone it's as if the dam just broke and it starts flooding and dirt erodes away.

Main Causes of Deforestation

The main issues of deforestation are agricultural expansion, wood extraction, and infrastructural expansion. Agricultural expansion is the expansion of farms or more land for other needs. Wood extraction is also called logging or wood harvest. The wood is used for domestic fuel or charcoal. Infrastructural expansion is road building or urbanization.

Typically, construction workers are the main people that cause the issue, but they are just doing their job. Overall, its the peoples fault as a whole. People are in demand for bigger and better houses or new roads. No body thinks about the wildlife, they just want their homes.

Timelapse: Devastating Deforestation

Some Wildlife that are Most Affected by Deforestation

Affects of Wildlife

The animals provided above or three of the many animals that are becoming endangered. As the vegetation in the forests keep decreasing, the wildlife's habitats are destroyed. Also, most animals have a certain climate they live in, when the climate changes, the animals may not be able to adapt. This either puts the species in an endangered area or they slower decrease in population.

Save Wildlife Now!

Main Regions in North America that are Targeted

The main two regions in North America that are experiencing deforestation are the Alaskan and Canadian Boreal forests. Other areas in the northern part of America are also being targeted, but the Alaskan and Canadian Boreal forests are experiencing the worst out of all the forests in North America.

League City

Deforestation is not happening in League City in large amounts. Deforestation could occur anywhere with vegetation or forests on the landscape.

Affects of People

People are relying on the resources that forests provide, such as food, water, clothing, medicines and shelter. When deforestation occurs, those resources become more limited. The things people need from the forests usually don't regrow that fast. In the end when we use all of the forests' resources, we wont have anymore for when we need them.


There are some solutions to pause/stop deforestation. One is the postpone the "felling of trees" by making laws and enforcing them. Another is to ban clear cutting forests. Lastly, the cutting of trees should be replaced with a young trees that will grow.

I think we should try to find another resource to replace wood. This would at least reduce the amount of wood we use. For example, instead of worksheets, we could use computers to do our work.